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Hey guys, I’m Sven the founder of Inspire Entrepreneur, a site built to share my passion for online business with you. I hope to inspire you during your journey through the online business world and help you create some remarkable online businesses. Discover ways we can design a life for ourselves that we don’t need to escape from.

​Together we can learn the art of online business, apply what we have learnt and ultimately pass on the inspiration to other online entrepreneurs. Fuel the excitement of creating something for yourself, develop the drive and energy for building something special and inspire the entrepreneur within!

Inspire Entrepreneur is a central location where you can get inspired to learn, start your search for information and where I can help point you in the right direction for progressing your first or subsequent online business. The internet is vast, the information is endless and sometimes overwhelming. Let me cut through the clutter, show you the path, and inspire you along the way.

I am here, you are here, let’s do this!

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This is Sven the founder of Inspire Entrepreneur.