Hey guys! Today I would like to introduce you to a community and service that has made all the difference to my journey in the online business world. I am going to provide you with An Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review, and give you a detailed look at all the features and benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate Program. I am a premium member within the platform, and have used all the features I will be describing in this review.

The Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard.

The Wealthy Affiliate Central Dashboard

While Wealthy Affiliate was initially started, by Kyle and Carson back in 2005, as a platform to help affiliate marketers achieve success, I believe the community and platform has grown to a level that is undoubtedly helpful to all types of online entrepreneurs. This includes casual bloggers looking to monetize their site, eCommerce store owners, digital marketers, or even small business owners looking to build an online presence. It is especially necessary for anyone starting out in the online business world…yes, a bold statement but I truly believe it! Why?? Because it will provide a foundation for ongoing learning, support and services unparalleled in helping you achieve success in the early stages, and the ability to continue that through until you become an expert in the industry.

In order for you to be successful in the internet entrepreneur’s world, you need to be able to immerse yourself in the world, the mindset and the cultureSuccess is a mindset and a lifestyle Tweet Thisand online business is no exception to this. Hopefully my review can give you plenty of insight into what the Wealthy Affiliate University is and how it can help you achieve more!

If I Were to Summarize, I Would Say This…

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive platform for online entrepreneurs looking to get started in internet business.

On the learning side of things it features a supportive and caring community, structured learning modules (designed for newbies), live training sessions and video tutorials, as well as personal and expert support.

On the building and creating side, it features a second to none WordPress.org website hosting platform, with the ability to purchase domains, build and maintain websites all integrated within the platform. The platform also includes a caring and quick-to-respond site support crew, full website security and domain privacy. These are features that would usually cost a bucket load!

But… Since We Have Time, Let’s Get Into the Detail!

I am a strong believer in ‘just-in-time’ information, rather than ‘just-in-case’ information, ever since the concept was first introduced to me. Following this philosophy and since I have gone into great detail with this Wealthy Affiliate review, I recommend you use the linked contents menu below to navigate to the sections most relevant to you. However, if you want to get the whole picture (I know I would!) by all means, just continue reading through from top to bottom. For this reason I have chosen to go into great detail, as I personally have always wanted the full picture when checking out new products and services and I’m sure a lot of you do to!


Keyword Research Tool
SiteRubix: In-House Website Building Platform
Final Thoughts
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The who, what, when, where and why of things…

What is Wealthy Affiliate: An all-inclusive platform featuring training courses for starting an online business, a supportive community and a website building platform that is second to none.

Who is the platform for: Online entrepreneurs of all types, especially suited for those starting out in the internet business world, but also useful for established entrepreneurs looking to broaden their learning or monetise their experience. Examples of people include casual bloggers looking to monetise their site, e-commerce store owners, digital marketers, or even small business owners looking to build an online presence.

When can it be used: Perfect for newbies just starting out in the internet entrepreneur’s world, and great as an ongoing resource for learning and community support for all levels. The website building and hosting platform is a must have for anyone looking for great value, convenience, security and support.

Where can it be used: The platform and community are entirely online, so anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. And…you of course need some sort of portable computer like a laptop or tablet.


  • Excellent Training Resources
  • Helpful and Supportive Community
  • Must Have In-House Tools like Keyword Research
  • The SiteRubix platform which Provides an Industry Leading Website Building and Hosting Platform
  • Free Starter Membership
  • A Premium Membership that is At Least 2 to 3 Times More Value Packed than its Price.


  • Some sections of the training videos are slightly repetitive and slow for those that are already internet and computer savvy (while this is a pro for newbies, it was a slight con for me, but I just fast-forward certain sections…simple!)
  • I would have probably liked to see more features available in the free starter membership, however it doesn’t matter too much as anyone serious in building their online business would definitely go premium as I did (starter does allow you to get a solid start though!)
  • Be careful not to get drawn away from priorities in your business for the social aspect of the community…you can spend hours going through content and live chat, but while it is still learning…it isn’t useful unless it is focused and targeted to your immediate goals and actions.

How it helped me and Why I recommend it: So I came across the platform during my search for a way to escape the 9-5 office and build on my passion for business and lifestyle (learn more About Me here). I was searching for opportunities to separate my income from my time and came across affiliate marketing as one of these methods. I did some heavy research into affiliate marketing, like what it was, how it could work for me and what was the best way to get involved with it and learn. The research part was critical because I am very wary about internet scams and like many, I don’t like to separate with my money on blind endeavors.

After all the research and some initial understanding of the industry via a course on Lynda.com (an online center for courses in business, technology and creative skills…owned by LinkedIn), I decided to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate. It was one of only a few which offered a free starter membership to check out their services and platform. From there I jumped right in, checked out the program for about a week before I jumped on the premium membership and never looked back!

The Wealthy Affiliate program has helped me not only in affiliate marketing, but also in my eCommerce endeavors and this is one of the biggest reasons why I recommend it as a great foundation for all types of online entrepreneurs, not just bloggers or affiliate marketers. It has a broad range of training courses that covers many of the fundamental aspects of online business, as well as methods to scale and build your business.

In addition to this, and maybe even a bigger reason, I have found the in-house website building and hosting platform (SiteRubix) to be one of the best, which means it is perfect for anyone starting an online business or building a website to get an internet presence. If you are unhappy with your currently hosting platform, or trying to find a good one, give SiteRubix a go…it will blow your mind how easy it is to use! The features offered in the website hosting platform alone is worth joining Wealthy Affiliate for, even if you don’t use the training or community at all.

Right, let’s get into detail of the features and breakdown of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

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Training – Always Be Learning!

The training resources available within Wealthy Affiliate are very detailed, relevant and extensive. New training content is added each week by the founders and the community, so you will never really run out of stuff to learn and help you grow. I can breakdown the types of training and learning into four main areas, all of which I have personally experienced and benefited from.

Any of the training that you come across inside the program is very easy to follow and caters for all levels, especially those just starting out in the online world are not quite as savvy with the internet and software tools. Being an engineer, having worked with a lot of software tools and growing up in the internet world, I personally found some training modules a little too in-depth with the basic functionality and steps. This was OK though, as I understand that not everyone in the community was at my level of competence with the computer and internet, and I could simply fast-forward or skip sections irrelevant to me.

The Online Entrepreneur’s Certification – A Guided Journey to Start Your First Internet Business

The Certification courses within the Wealthy Affiliate University provides 5 levels, each level consisting of numerous lessons that focus on a different aspect of your internet business and website. The courses were written and present (via video tutorials) by Kyle who is one of the founders of Weathly Affiliate. This provides a real personal aspect to the program, as you get to know Kyle through his training and he is completely accessible by anyone in the community.


Level 1 is the Getting Started level where you will start to get an understanding on how to make money online and how to choose a niche topic or area…the crux of it all! The lessons then proceed to show you how to build and setup your first WordPress.org website, including how to obtain a domain (the www.[something].com). You’ll then get an introduction to keyword research for finding content ideas to write about, as well as how to setup a basic website structure and ensuring your website is SEO ready (Search Engine Optimization, basically means getting your website shown in top Google results when people search for a given keyword phrase, thus getting visitors through an unpaid source a.k.a “organic” searches). This is the level where you will really start to see the possibilities of business and making money within the online world, and it is available to access for free under the starter membership level.

Wordpress.org the most powerful blogging platform.A quick side note: Wealthy Affiliate has chosen to focus on helping you produce businesses utilizing WordPress.org, as it is the most popular, powerful and flexible blogging platform available. From what I have seen, the possibilities are endless with WordPress.org, as it is open-source software (the source code is able to be viewed, edited and distributed by anyone) and the functionality of your websites can be enhanced through the 50,000+ plugins available.

Level 2 is where you start Building Out your website to gain Traffic (visitors) to it. Kyle brings you through basic concepts of creating you brand, structure and strategy on how to bring traffic to your website through creating helpful content.

Level 3 is where you get into the good stuff and start learning how to make money! This course provides an introduction to affiliate programs, affiliate networks, AdSense (getting paid for ads on your site) and how to leverage product or service reviews to drive traffic and make money. A word of advice not to be too hasty to jump to this section…it is very important to focus on building a good foundation for your website before monetizing it. Remember, business is a marathon, not a sprint, and as over-used and cliched as that sounds, it truly takes patience, inspiration and grit to build something remarkable! There are no get-rich-quick schemes here!

Level 4 covers Social Engagement, where you will get an introduction to some of the social networks and how they can be useful in extending your reach within your niche. Social networks covered includes Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Plus, as well as an introduction into social branding and the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Level 5 goes more in depth into Content Creation and its importance towards achieving success for your website. The lessons introduce Google Webmaster Tools (specifically Google Search Console), as well as more advanced ‘behind the scenes’ steps that you can take to get your content indexed by Google (as well as other search engines like Bing and Yahoo). Further training is provided on how you should plan and structure your content to enhance visitor experience and readability, as well as developing a plan for your new online business in the months and year ahead.

It is important to note that from Level 2 onward, you will need to upgrade to a Premium membership for access. This is something that I found that has more benefits than the cost associated with it (here is a shortcut to check out why in my comparison of Starter vs. Premium further down this post). However, for an initial dabble in the online world and while you are deciding if you Wealthy Affiliate is the right tool for you, the Level 1 course is more than sufficient.

So while the Online Entrepreneur’s Certification course is provided with more of a focus on building an affiliate marketing website, I believe that the core principles of website and content creation, as well as the concepts of SEO and visitor engagement are necessary when starting any type of online business. Levels 1, 2, 4 and 5, as well as some lessons of Level 3 are the most suitable for any type of internet business and will give you a core foundation to your understanding.

A quick side note: for those that are quite internet and computer savvy, as well as those that pickup and learn information very quickly, you will find some of the lessons and video tutorials slightly repetitive or slow. Don’t be disappointed, just simply skip the video forward 30secs at a time until you get to the new bit of new content. There are some very useful pieces of information, so make sure you don’t skip large chunks, or simply just watch it through as intended.

The Affiliate Bootcamp – A Structured Training to Becoming an Affiliate for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

The Affiliate Bootcamp is structured in much the same way as the Online Entrepreneur’s Certification, this time with 7 phases and numerous lessons in each phase. The key distinction here, is that the training is focused on building out a website which helps people in some aspect of the online world, whether that is website building, affiliate marketing, tools for online business or creating a passive income stream…the opportunities are endless!

The Bootcamp includes aspects of promoting the Wealthy Affiliate University through your new endeavor, as the platform does have an affiliate program for itself, however I feel that it is definitely not over the top, selly or gimmicky. First and foremost, Kyle (one of the founders and trainers) is most definitely focused on helping people first and selling his business second. It also makes great business sense to get the community to promote the platform, as who better to sell other’s on the idea, than the people who use and swear by the platform themselves! Good on him!


Phase 1 is much like Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur’s Certification course, with some of the more basic details cut-out and replaced with a focus on driving your niche within the direction of the online business world. You are brought lessons on choosing a direction for your new endeavor and Kyle gives plenty of example topics to choose from if you are stuck. Very helpful for those struggling to selection a direction or focus.

Phase 2 is focused on content creation, keywords and conversions. Here the lessons bring you through how to create good readable content, the use of keywords and enhancing your website experience to improve conversions. The focus on creating quality content in the early phase of your website is very important, and Kyle illustrates this well in his lessons.

Phase 3 shifts your focus to improving the social value of you website. You are taught how to create socially engaging posts and ensuring that you content is easy to share for your visitors. Google Analytics is introduced, and is a very useful tool that enables you to track and analyze your website traffic. As your website grows and obtains more visitors, it is important to periodically analyze your traffic, audience and flow of visitors to your website. What pages they are visiting, how do they get to these pages, where are they clicking etc….are all useful information for understanding and therefore enhancing visitor experience!

Phase 4 is all about improving you website design and visuals. Having a good website design, quality images and logos all help enhance visitor experience and creates a brand for your marketing efforts.

Phase 5 improves your understanding of your audiences and hones your skills in converting visitors to your website. The course also introduces you to the power of video which, if used correctly, can become a significant source of traffic.

Phase 6 moves into more advanced techniques of traffic referrals. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is introduced, which involves showing ads on Google (or even Bing), that people can click on when they search for relevant terms. This opens up a whole new marketing channel for your website, and is useful when you are generating enough cash flow to support paid ads.

Phase 7 is the final phase of the Affiliate Bootcamp and covers scaling your successful PPC campaigns. The ability to scale your website traffic in a targeted way through advertising campaigns, is critical to increasing profitability and building on long term success.

Again, there may be some aspects of the Affiliate Bootcamp that are not overly applicable to all types of online businesses. However, as with the Online Entrepreneur’s Certification it does provide an excellent foundation and introduction to building a business via a website, with some great lessons on various marketing strategies, website design and social engagement. It even goes a step further with introduction into more advanced techniques for website referrals, and guides you along the way to long term growth for your website.

There are many aspects of this training course that are applicable as well as critical for execution on non-affiliate marketing type websites. Understanding the fundamentals of SEO, visitor engagement, website analytics and organic vs. paid traffic is crucial for building a successful online business. Definitely an invaluable training resource!

Live Video Classes by Jay – Fun, Engaging and Invaluable for Ongoing Learning

Let me introduce to you Jay (a.k.a magistudios)! He is the Wealthy Affiliate Live Video Training Coach and has extensive experience in the internet business world through internet marketing, content development, website development and SEO (among other things). Outside of the Wealthy Affiliate Program, Jay operates Magi Studios which is a physical business based in British Columbia, Canada that provides digital marketing services to businesses, and helps them gain more customers through increased internet presence.

Jay provides weekly Live Webinars on an endless variety of topics within Wealthy Affiliate, ranging from SEO, to writing quality content, to niche research and social media. I have found his training sessions to be invaluable for my ongoing learning and a lot of his topics have been extremely timely as well, when I get the weekly notification. I have looked back through my inbox and noticed that I have either watched or flagged for later viewing around 90% of all the webinars since I have joined the Wealthy Affiliate program.


The video classes are live and interactive on every Saturday. You can ask questions and engage with Jay and other viewers through the webinar chat. If however, you can’t attend the live session, all webinars are available to be replayed so they provide a permanent resource for ongoing education and improvement. I have found these sessions to be very useful, engaging and fun (Jay has a great character and is full of energy). One of the most useful video classes I found was a four week WA Live Niche Case Study, where Jay researched, started and built up a niche affiliate website from scratch and in front of you. The case study went through everything from niche and keyword research, to website creation, to initial content and affiliate links. It was excellent, as I was able to observe the methodology a successful affiliate marketer employed in selecting and creating a mini online business, and the website was profiting by the end of the four weeks!

All in all, the Live Video Classes are one of the best training resources available within the Wealthy Affiliate University, and it covers a broad range of topics with most applicable to all types of online businesses.

Community Training Classrooms

In addition to the structured training courses provide by the Wealthy Affiliate University, any member of the platform can also create training tutorials to share with the community. Education for the community, by the community is an excellent way of continually build up the strength of online entrepreneurs within the program. You can create training sessions for numerous online topics ranging from writing content to WordPress help and marketing.


I have found plenty of these tutorials extremely helpful, and whenever I am stuck on a topic I can go straight to the search box for help. I have also found it as a great way of finding new members to follow, as the quality of their training (as well as posts) is a key criterion I use to select people to follow so that I get useful and relevant notifications of content to my inbox. Always Be Learning!Tweet This

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A Community of Supportive Online Entrepreneurs

When starting any online endeavor I have found it crucial to have a community for support and questions that you are guaranteed to have along the way. Sure…learning everything by yourself is possible, however asking for help will get you there quicker and will allow you to focus more on creating, then doing endless research. One of the reasons I started Inspire Entrepreneur was to provide that support to you and to point you in the right direction for resources and information.

Let me introduce to you the Wealthy Affiliate Community which is 880,000 strong as of today. The founders, Kyle and Carson, have really created an excellent culture for sharing, support and feedback within this community, which will really help you along your online business journey. There are several key areas of the community structure and platform which I have found to be super useful!

Social Follow

Following other members has allowed me to develop a circle of mentors whose success I aspire to reach. I am very selective in who I follow, because it is important to me that I lift my circle of influence with people who are achieving at a higher level than me. By interacting with and getting influenced by people at a higher level, their habits and methods for success rub off on you, slowly lifting yourself to their level.


The Wealthy Affiliate platform provides a social follow structure that allows you to follow and be followed. Each member has a profile to write a little about themselves, as well as share their social network channels and websites. If you follow someone, you get notifications of blogs posts or training tutorials that they create and this is a great source for ongoing learning and influence. I challenge you to be selective in who you follow in any community you are a part of, because ultimately these people will influence you in some way or form, therefore it is important that these influences are positive and help you grow.

Private Messaging

You are also able to private message any other members including the founders (if you are a premium member), and this is great for reaching out to your mentors for help, feedback or just to say hello and connect. I find it’s a great way to get individual feedback for your endeavors as well as some private coaching from someone who has already done what you are trying to do.

Live Chat

The platform also provides a live chat service which is available all day every day. This is a very powerful feature as it allows you to ask for support, help or clarification on anything to community and get an instant response back. It allows you to draw-on, as well as give back to the community. Be careful not to let this service distract you from your priorities though, as it is very easy to get caught up in interacting with other members through the instant chat service.

Blog Posts and Training

One of the ways that Wealthy Affiliate has grown to have such a strong community is the ability for members to contribute back to the program through blog posts and training tutorials. Each person comes across interesting and useful information all the time in their journey through the internet world, and what better way to share this than with the people that will benefit from it the most. Each individual also has skills and expertise that they can share, and with each piece of information the community grows stronger through sharing knowledge.

Website Feedback

One of the most useful features that I have found is the website feedback platform. Whenever you get stuck thinking whether a post, page or even the whole website is good or not, who better to ask then a community of other online entrepreneurs. The system is a pay it forward system, where you provide feedback on two other sites in exchange for one feedback request on your site. It is a great way for encouraging the community to engage and contribute, which results in a win-win situation for all members.


Through this system you are able to get valuable feedback on things like your design, content, layout or even just general feedback. This helps you with solving dilemmas, or provides assurance that what you have done so far is on the right track. Invaluable for keeping you progressing, as we all get stuck sometimes!

Ranking System

Another interesting feature within the Wealthy Affiliate community is the ranking system. Each member is rank based on three key metrics which measure your involvement within the platform and community. There is the Helper metric which gives you points for helping other members through systems such as the Live Chat and Website Feedback. The Creator metric gains points when you give back to the community through creation of blog posts and training tutorials. While the Activity metric measures the amount of activity you have within the platform, such as completing training courses, leaving comments or interacting with new members.


It is entirely up to you whether you pay attention to your rank, but it does provide a general indication of your progress through the Wealthy Affiliate Program in comparison to other members. Something to be wary of though, I have found that although people in the top 200, or even the top 100 (known as Ambassadors) are quite well progressed through the program, it does not necessarily correlate to success in the online business world. You are able to boost your rank, by heavily contributing to the community, but this does not correlate to an individual’s success on their website or online ventures.

That’s not to say that Ambassadors or high ranked individuals aren’t successful, and there may also be very successful members that contribute very little to the community. I’m just saying that you need to be selective in who you follow and look-up to in any community or platform, and while rank is a useful indicator, you are really the best judge on whose influence is relevant to your goals and aspirations. I personally use the ranking system as a guide, and while I would like to reach the top 100 one day, my focus is firstly on growing my online businesses and reaching my goals.

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Keyword Research Tool – The Starting Point For All Online Content

In the internet world, any website, post or page is more often than not found through keyword search. Therefore, it is essential that keyword research is starting point of any website, post, page or even business that you would like found through search engines. It is especially important for affiliate marketers whose main strategy for driving traffic, is organic searches (unpaid traffic from search engine results). As a result, Wealthy Affiliate has included an in-house keyword research platform.

This keyword tool allows members of Wealthy Affiliate to search for keywords as well as related search terms for any given topic or niche. The tool returns search results that provides several key metrics for deciding if a keyword is worth focusing on.


Searches represents the average monthly searches (also known as impressions) one can expect for the given keyword or search terms.

Traffic represents the average monthly traffic that could arrive on your website, post or page for the given keyword, if it is shown on the first page of Google search results.

Competition is a metric which shows the numbers of competing pages for the QSR (Quoted Search Results). In other words, it is the number of competing pages that exactly match the given keyword, which is the same as searching for the result in quotation marks (e.g. “Wealthy Affiliate Review”, tells Google you want results that exactly match your search terms).

Article Power is a calculated metric obtained from a consideration of the keywords searches, traffic and competition.

PPC Power is a calculated metric that represents how good a given keyword is for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns. PPC is a paid marketing channel for driving traffic to a website.

Dig is an operation which allows you to ‘dig deeper’ into the given keyword and returns related keywords for the search term you dig.

The keyword search platform also allows you to mark and save selected keywords to list for later referral and use. This was extremely useful for me when performing research on a given topic, as it is very easy to get bogged down in your searches and eventually forget what you searched before.

I found this tool essential for creating articles that have the best chance of being ranked highly in Google search results (1st page is the aim!). It was also very handy for finding out related keyword and topics for a given niche or industry, which I would have otherwise not thought of or come across in my research. The Searches and Competition metric are the two most important metrics I use when selecting titles for my articles or pages, as well as investigating the viability of starting an online business in a given niche, or selling a given product or service. The higher the searches…the better (but something is ultimately better than nothing), and the lower the competition, the higher chance you will have for success!

Jaaxy advanced keyword research tool logoIt is worth noting here that the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, also created a much more powerful standalone keyword research platform called Jaaxy. This goes to the next level of keyword, niche and competition research and is a must have for serious online business ventures that rely on organic search results for traffic to their websites.

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SiteRubix – An Industry Leading Platform for Domain Purchasing, WordPress Hosting and Website Management

Wealthy Affiliate features its own in-house domain name registration, website hosting and website building system called SiteRubix. The SiteRubix platform is an industry leading website building system that is hands down the easiest, simplest and most powerful all-in-one platform for anyone (especially beginners) looking to find a domain, build a website and manage it hassle free.

If you joined Wealthy Affiliate and didn’t utilise the training, community or research resources…the domain registration, website hosting and management facilities alone provides more than enough value for the premium level membership! I am almost inclined to say…”nuff said“…and leave you to be blown away once you check it out, but since this is a proper review…let’s get into more details. Food for thought I’m sure!

Domain Registration – SiteDomains and SiteEmail

The platform provides a domain name registration system called SiteDomains where you can purchase ‘.com’, ‘.org’ and ‘.net’ domains for flat yearly rates of $13.99USD (.com) and $15.99USD (.org, .net). This is in comparison to other domain name registrars like GoDaddy, where I have been able to buy domain names as cheap as $0.99USD, however the prices sometimes go up to over $20 in subsequent years.


It is also worth noting here, that while the platform only allows you to purchase three types of top-level domains (TLDs), ‘.com’, ‘.org’ and ‘.net’, they are by far considered the most valuable TLDs in the online world. Also, if you were looking to buy country code top-level domains (ccTLDs), you would need to go to an alternative registrar. Such examples are ‘.ca’, ‘.co.uk’ or ‘.com.au’ and I typically get these through GoDaddy and host my website on the SiteRubix system (by pointing the domain name to Wealthy Affiliate servers).

The system also provides email accounts and email forwarding for all domains (even those purchased outside but hosted with Wealthy Affiliate). This means that if you purchased a domain name such as [yourdomainname].com, you could have an email account with address contact@[yourdomainname].com or info@[yourdomainname].com and have it integrated into a mail client such as Outlook or Gmail. The email forwarding service also allows you to forward emails from contact@[yourdomainname].com, for example, to [yourname or something else]@gmail.com.

It is an extremely useful service to manage multiple websites without getting overwhelmed by new email addresses, especially as it is included free with the system. Most other domain name registrars charge for email accounts, for example, GoDaddy charges 4.99USD per user/per month for a professional email ([something]@[yourdomainname].com), however most other services do offer free email forwarding.

Website Hosting – SiteBuilder and SiteManager

After purchasing a domain name, the next step is typically to install and build your website. In order to do that you need a server to host your website and you will need to install the website files to this server. The SiteRubix platform provides both these features seamlessly. You simple go to the SiteBuilder system and choose the domain you want to build a website for, enter the website title, pick a theme and the website is installed to the servers in mere seconds.


A quick side note: As I mentioned in the Online Entrepreneur’s Certification training above, the Wealthy Affiliate program is focused on helping you produce online businesses utilizing WordPress.org. This is the most popular, powerful and flexible blogging platform available. The possibilities are endless with WordPress.org, as it is open-source software (the source code is able to be viewed, edited and distributed by anyone) and the functionality of your websites can be enhanced at any time through the 50,000+ plugins available.

After your website is installed, it can be accessed and managed through the SiteManager system which presents a dashboard of all of your websites. You can view all the useful pieces of information about your website, including last backup date, last edited date, Google index status and WordPress version. Most importantly though, you can easily login to the admin area of your website from here, saving you from remembering an extra set of login details and login URL.


Another nifty feature worth a mention is the SiteHealth bar. This provides a sort of overall progress of your website with respect to some keep metrics that are good measurement towards the success of your website in the online world. Some of these metrics include publishing frequency, visitor engagement and your engagement, as well as your content quality and site trust. Useful metrics to have as guide for knowing you are going on the right track, and another example of Wealthy Affiliate going the extra step to help us on the road to success. It is this attention to detail that I often look for in online tools for my businesses.

Website Extras – SitePlus+

Building on from what I mentioned above about Wealthy Affiliate going the extra mile with their services, they have included a small suite of features called SitePlus+. These features add some amazing benefits to your website, in order to ensure your website is running at a competitive level. The SitePlus+ suite includes three main features.


First is the SiteProtect feature which is effectively a spam blocker that works at the server level. This prevents the need for a plugin and removes all automated comment spam before it reaches your site. Brilliant!

The second is SiteSSL, which serves your website over a 256-bit encrypted connection. This means that your website changes from a http:// connection (unsecured) to a secured https:// connection. This sort of encryption is largely favored by search engines, helping you to gain trust with Google and other search engines. It also acts to keep visitor data secured while they browse and interact with your site.

A major point to note here is how easy it is to install an SSL certificate to your website using the Wealthy Affiliate platform, literally a push of a button, compared to the other third party methods where you have to go through a plethora of steps and backend website operations. Additionally, SiteSSL is included free as part of your premium membership for any of your hosted websites, even if you didn’t purchase the domain through Wealthy Affiliate. As a comparison, other domain registrars typically charge a yearly fee for SSL Certificates with an example being GoDaddy at $69.99USD/yr.

The third SitePlus+ feature is SiteSpeed which provides faster website loading speeds through some proprietary Wealthy Affiliate technology on the server side of your website. The loading speed of your site affects both search engine rankings and most importantly visitor experience and engagement. Website speed depends on several factors, the main ones being how well the site is coded (this is theme influenced, some are better than others), pictures sizes (the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin is great for this) and how your website is loaded from the server. The last one is something you don’t have control over, beyond choosing who to host your site with. As a result, Wealthy Affiliate has provided enhancements for optimizing how your site is loaded from their servers. This is awesome because it has saved me time researching into the best places to host my websites, a welcomed convenience as I know from my own experience that there is nothing worse than a slow loading website!

All-in-all SitePlus+ provides some remarkable enhancements to your websites, which will ultimately benefit your visitor’s experience and engagement to your website. It also saves you time and provides convenience allowing you to focus on building your business rather than getting stuck in plugin research, backend settings or even advanced coding.

Website Support – SiteSupport

A big help when diving into the online world is the ability to find support when it’s needed! In comes SiteSupport, which is a 24/7 service provided by Wealthy Affiliate for any technical questions relating to you website, hosting or domains. I have used this feature a few times and the response time is excellent, but does vary depending on the complexity of the issue and peak demand times. The team is friendly, extremely helpful and diligent in assisting you through whatever issue it may be. If you have any queries that are not relating to the technical aspect of your website, the question is filtered through for assistance by the community. This service is also 24/7 as there is always someone online, somewhere around the world, in the ever growing community.

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Membership – Free Starter vs. Premium

I dislike too many membership levels and restrictions in any platform, so it was a welcome sight to see that Wealthy Affiliate structured theirs simply and clearly, a free starter membership and a premium membership split into monthly or annual payments. The comparisons between the membership levels can be see in the chart below.

Wealthy Affiliate membership review and comparison of starter vs. premium.

I found that you can actually make a solid start in your journey through the free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate. I first joined up through the free starter account and spent about a week going through the features available and listening to the first few lessons of the Level 1 Online Entrepreneur’s Certification course. Seeing the initial value provided to me with the learning resources, I wanted to check out the premium level features to see if the membership was worth it on an ongoing basis. I jumped onto the initial premium offer of $19 for the first month, started my first website and then converted to an annual payment plan at the end of the first month to continue as a premium member at a reduced cost per month (Monthly = 12 x $49 = $588USD, Annual = $359USD).

The fire and passion for learning and building an online business was strong, and I charged forward! One of the biggest reasons I continued with the premium level was the value I saw in both the training courses and the SiteRubix platform, were enough individually to justify the membership fee, let alone together (check out my thoughts above on these features if you haven’t already). Essentially double the value, if not more, from my perspective, and the convenience as a central resource and system for my online businesses, as well as the community, was second to none.

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Final Thoughts

Wealthy Affiliate logoSo that’s a detailed look at the Wealthy Affiliate platform and what it has to offer for any type of online entrepreneur. Although the platform was initially created with a focus on affiliate marketing, the resources and community inside have grown and expanded to a level that makes it essential for all those looking to make their start in the online world. With the undertone of marketing (the action of promoting products and services) as its focus, the Wealthy Affiliate program provides the necessary foundation for starting any business with an internet presence.

I hope you have found my honest and detailed Wealthy Affiliate review useful for your journey. You can Contact Me any time here at Inspire Entrepreneur if you have any questions, feedback or get stuck along the way, I am here to help! You can also find me inside Wealthy Affiliate, just search for SWPSLifestyl…that’s me and my partner in the pic. When you create your Starter account I’ll be shooting through a message to your profile and giving you a welcome to the community. Be sure to send me a reply with any questions you might have or just to say hi!

Are you ready!? Yes! Then get pumped, get inspired and let’s create a remarkable business!
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Let’s Do This!


  1. Sign up to a free Starter account with Wealthy Affiliate and I’ll be there on the other side to get you started.
  2. Check out the features, training and community to see how it will help you.
  3. Ask me any questions you might have.
  4. Continue your journey through the online world.
  5. Please leave me a comment or question below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this review!
  6. Check out the Inspiration Center​ for motivation during your journey.

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This is my profile pic in Wealthy Affiliate. Drop by to say hello!

Join in the Wealthy Affiliate community and get your online business journey started with the free Starter account. I’ll be there to help you along the way, so please give me a shout for any questions! (my profile name is SWPSLifestyl)


If you wanted to check out the Premium account features and get the same deal I got for the first month ($19USD down from $49), you can get the deal below. There is a comprehensive list of the features and some testimonials by existing premium members.


Experience a website hosting and management platform that is industry leading. Convenience, support and security are necessary for all websites, and this platform has it all included.


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Hey guys! I have a strong passion for online business and enjoy helping people escape the 9-5 office, by creating online businesses. I want to help people build a source of income that is separate from their time, allowing them to pursue their dreams and passions. Together we can focus on designing a life we don't need to escape from! If you ever need any help or have questions, I'm here, just give me a shout anytime!


Neil · August 26, 2017 at 5:52 pm

Wealthy Affiliate is so AWESOME! I really can’t believe how much value you can gain access to as both a free and premium member of the community.

I think with so much training and support as well as so many features and tools available inside the WA community, you really can not find this anywhere else on the web.

I’ve come across many other platforms that have tried to duplicate what WA offers, but they always fall short when it comes to the training and support elements. Not to mention the fact that most platforms also charge a lot of money through “upsells”.

WA is definitely the place for any newbie or experienced internet marketer to build a profitable affiliate business.


    Sven · August 26, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    Hey Neil, I totally agree! I was also blown away by the value I received when I first signed-up and then even more when I upgraded to premium.

    The features, support and community provided by Wealthy Affiliate are definitely industry leading and the founders of WA are undoubtedly in it to help people first. You are right, WA doesn’t do up-sells, its membership levels are clear and simple…starter or premium, and the pricing is locked-in and flat rate.

    A great platform for all type of online entrepreneurs!


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