Hey guys! I wanted to briefly share with you an inspiring speech I came across recently by Dr. Rick Rigsby at his graduation.

Rick Rigsby during his graduation speech.In the speech he explains the simple lessons taught to him by his father, something he describes as “the wisdom of a third grade dropout“. He illustrates how these simple lessons guided him through his life and kept him going through the hardest moments. He also challenges us to think about these words and apply them to our lives.

Many of his words left me thinking about what impact am I trying to make in my life. Have a watch of the video and think about what it means to you. Enjoy!

Check Out the Video

Some Key Moments in the Speech

If you are short on time, I have listed some key moments from the speech so you can skip to the best bits. It is 10mins in total length.

  • 01:50 – Simple Lessons
  • 03:10 – You Want to Make an Impact, Find Your Broom…
  • 05:00 – Hitting Rock Bottom

Some of the Most Inspiring Words from Dr. Rick Rigsby

These are my favorite extracts from the speech, and have been taken verbatim (exactly as originally said).

“Combine knowledge and wisdom to make an impact.”

“Just because he left school doesn’t mean his education stopped.”

“I know you are tough, but always remember to be kind. Don’t ever forget that.”

“Good enough, isn’t good enough if it can be better. And better isn’t good enough if it can be best.”

“I’m not worried that you won’t be successful. I’m worried that you won’t fail from time to time.”

“Son, just stand!”

“How are you living?”

Another quote he mentioned in his speech by someone else.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.”

Will Durant – American Writer, Historian, Philosopher. Extract from The Story of Philosophy (1926).

What were your favorite quotes or extracts from the speech?

My Thoughts

One of the key thoughts I took from the speech really inspired me to think about how I am living every day and what I am doing to make an impact.

I have made a major change in the direction of my work and my career, by exploring the alternative pathway of online business. One of the biggest reasons for this, and I talk about it in my story, was to have the opportunity to make an impact to the world beyond the people around me and in the companies I worked for. By starting up Inspire Entrepreneur I hope to make a positive impact to the lives of people looking down the entrepreneurial path, consequently allowing them to create something remarkable and spread their own impact. I am very grateful for this!

Let me ask you, How Are You Living? What impact are you looking to make in this world and what are you doing every day to achieve excellence?

Let me know in the comments below and let’s go do it!

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