Hey guys! So you might already be aware about what Wealthy Affiliate is, but wondering whether it is worth the money? Let’s take a closer look at the value each feature provides and make a judgment on whether it is worth it.

Wealthy Affiliate logoWealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive platform for online entrepreneurs, that provides everything from online business training and community help, to domain registration, website hosting and support. At its core, it has an underlying tone of online marketing, essential for any online business success, and this is due to its affiliate marketing roots.

Since 2005, the platform has grown to over 900,000 members and features a wealth of information not just in marketing, but everything from eCommerce stores to physical small businesses exploring the online world. I am a premium member with the platform and run all my websites through their hosting (except one built on Weebly that wasn’t worth moving).

If you would like a detailed look at all Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, you can check out this separate review. In this post, I will focus primarily on value and cost.


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Overview of Costs and Fees

Before we get into analyzing the value, let’s get a basic understanding of the costs and fees that we can expect to see within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. These are all very transparent, so if you do join up, you don’t need to be worried about any hidden costs.

Membership Fees

The basic membership structure is clear and simple.

  • Free Starter Account = $0 per month, and no obligation to upgrade. Note: The system gives you a 7-day window to upgrade to premium at a discounted cost of $19 for the first month, with a couple of emails to promote this, but nothing spammy. (It was a good deal, so I took it up to check out the premium features for myself)
  • Premium Account (monthly) = $49USD per month = $588USD per year, all features are fully unlocked, no extra fees required to unlock additional features.
  • Premium Account (yearly) = $359USD per year, no different to premium monthly, just a discounted cost if paid for the year upfront. Discount = $229 in total or $19.08 per month saving.

This is the basic breakdown of the differences between the memberships.

Wealthy Affiliate membership review and comparison of starter vs. premium.

Domain Registration Costs

The platform features its own domain registration system where you can expect to pay the usual fee to purchase a ‘.com’, ‘.net’ or ‘.org’ domain name. These fees are annual costs and remain fixed for the lifetime of the domain.

  • .com Domains = $13.99USD per year, flat and fixed rate.
  • .net Domains = $15.99USD per year, flat and fixed rate.
  • .org Domains = $15.99USD per year, flat and fixed rate.

Credit Costs

The only other area where you can “spend money”, so to speak, would be on the Credit Dashboard. Wealthy Affiliate has a pay-it-forward credit system where you can earn credits for contributing to the community positively, such as creating training, or providing feedback and comments to other people’s websites.

You can earn these credits completely free by performing these contributions, or you could opt to ‘pay’ for some credits to give yourself the opportunity to use the credits for feedback and comments on your own websites. If you go for this option, credits cost a fixed amount.

  • 1 Credit = 0.50USD, with a minimum purchase of 20 credits = $10USD.

This is completely optional and only there if you want credits and would rather pay than contribute.

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Costs of Comparative Services

Right let’s get into it and have a look at a complete breakdown of the features that the platform can provide us, as well as the typical cost of these features if sourced elsewhere.

The aim here is to make a realistic judgment as to how much we can expect to pay if we paid for another tool or platform which has the same or similar feature. That way we can make an accurate judgment if Wealthy Affiliate is worth the membership cost for premium level.

Training Features

The training courses can be broadly categorized into core training provided by the platform and supplementary training provided by the community.

Core Training: Online Entrepreneur’s Certification (5 levels) + Affiliate Bootcamp (7 levels)
Supplementary Training: Live Video Classes by Jay (Live Training Coach)
  • $0 – Videos which are similar to these can be considered available for free on the internet via YouTube and blogs, minus the inconvenience of having to find them, and minus the benefit of not being about to interact and ask questions live.
Supplementary Training: Community Training Classrooms
  • $0 – Tutorials and Videos similar to these can be considered available for free on the internet via YouTube and blogs, you just have to search for it.

Let’s some this up to a realistic yearly cost. The once off payments throw a bit of a spanner in the works, however for simplicity I am going to assume their cost is over the first year, as you will gain most of the benefit in the first year of purchasing.

Taking the lowest cost from each category:

Training Comparative Cost
$100 + $0 + $0 = $100/year (first year only)

Community Features

The community within Wealthy Affiliate can be considered similar to a forum. Specifically it provides the following features:

  • Social Follow: Follow and Be Followed
  • Private Messaging: Contact other members directly
  • Live Chat: Chat with anyone that is currently online and ask questions
  • Blog Posts: Post useful information, training or personal updates
  • Website Feedback: Give feedback or comments for 2 other websites and get 1 for your own
  • Ranking System: Compare yourself and your involvement within the community to others

There are many forums out there with varying levels of engagement and helpfulness but one of the best in the internet marketing realm is Warrior Forum.

  • $0 – Consider community resources to be freely available, you just need to find the right forum or place to ask your question or engage with others.

Yearly cost for this feature is:

Community Comparative Cost

Keyword Research Tool

The keyword research tool provides your basic needs for finding related keywords, assessing potential traffic volume and competition.

Note: Comparative tools mustn’t only provide related keywords, but also search volume and competition. There are many free tools that only provide related keywords, or a limited number of searches with competition (typically 30 per month) or competition from a cost-per-click (paid advertising) sense. Although still useful, not exactly what we are looking for when finding something comparable to the offering in Wealthy Affiliate.

  • $49/month – Jaaxy Pro membership | a similar tool, created as a more powerful standalone keyword research platform by the same founders as Wealthy Affiliate. Check out my in-depth review here.
  • $99/month – Moz Pro membership | contains a keyword research tool, among other several other powerful SEO tools.
  • $99.95/month – SEMrush Pro membership | contains a keyword research tool, among a few other search engine and domain analytics.
  • $29.08/month (if paid yearly = $239/year) – Mangools Basic membership | keyword research and search engine results analysis.

Taking the lowest cost:

Keyword Research Tool Comparative Cost

SiteRubix Website Building System

The SiteRubix system within Wealthy Affiliate is the most powerful feature the platform has. It is an all-inclusive system consisting of domain registration, email account services, website hosting and building, as well as management and support.

Domain Registration – Including Domain Privacy, Email Account + Forwarding
  • $19.99 (domain) + $7.99 (privacy) + $95.88 (email, $7.99/month) = $123.86/year – GoDaddy | often you can get it at a discounted rate for the first year, but it jumps up after that.
  • $10.69 (domain) + $2.88 (privacy) + $9.88 (email) = $23.45/year – NameCheap | offering free privacy for the first year and sometimes discounted domains.
  • $12.95 (domain) + $14.95 (privacy) + $0 (email included in hosting) = $27.90/year – HostGator
Website Hosting & Building
  • $10.99/month = $131.88/year – GoDaddy | WordPress.org website (restricted to 10GB storage)
  • [$4.07/month = $48.88/year – NameCheap | WordPress.org website (restricted to 5GB storage), just released in BETA level testing.] – This won’t be considered as it isn’t a fully released feature.
  • $5.95/month = $71.4/year – HostGator | WordPress.org website
Website Support
  • $0 – GoDaddy | Included with their WordPress hosting plan.
  • $0 – NameCheap | Included with their WordPress hosting plan.
  • $0 – HostGator | Included with their WordPress hosting plan.
Website SSL Certificate

(secure visitor data, change http:// to https://, essential for websites that perform transactions)

  • $99.99/year – GoDaddy
  • $9.00/year – NameCheap
  • $19.95/year – HostGator

Taking the lowest cost, and keeping consistency across a single provider for convenience and support (because that is what Wealthy Affiliate provides).

Domain & Website System Comparative Cost
$27.90 + $71.4 + $0 + $19.95 = $119.25/year

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Comparison of Costs and Value

The costs are in so let’s sum them up to see where we are at!

Comparative Services = $100 (first year only) + $239 + $119.25 =
$458.25 (first year) | $358.25/year (subsequent years)

Wealthy Affiliate = $359 + $13.99 =

Affilorama = $67/month x 12 =

Ok, so the costs are little more for the first year due to a once off purchase of a high quality training course, but comparable for subsequent years ($14.74 difference), by sourcing features from independent providers. (Noting that these costs are considering only 1 website and domain.)

On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership is significantly less than Affilorama’s, who are the closest competing platform.

Let’s now look at the additional “intangible” or hard to quantify value that the Wealthy Affiliate platform provides over competing services.

Training Value

The core training (Online Entrepreneur’s Certification + Affiliate Bootcamp) provides a total of 12 levels at 10 lessons each. Each lesson video is on average 15mins long, which is about 30hrs of video (120 x 0.25hr), as well as accompanying content and action tasks.

While you can find videos, blogs and eBooks all around for free (and I still recommend you do), the core training, plus the weekly live webinars and community training classrooms are in an all-in-one convenient and searchable location for you. This provides you with everything you need for a solid foundation in internet business, via a single account.

Community Value

Any benefit you gain from a community can be sourced from multiples places around the interest, such as forums, social media and interest groups. Again, the benefit here is having instant access to it, in one location and knowing it is with the right audience.

Some additional features not often found elsewhere, is the Live Chat service, as well as the pay-it-foward Website Feedback system. You will get a 100% response rate, and I am yet to receive one feedback which wasn’t valuable in some way.

Keyword Research Tool Value

Having an in-house research tool that doesn’t restrict the quantity of searches and allows you to save keyword lists is extremely valuable. However, as you become established in online business and gain some cash flow, upgrading to one of the professional tools is highly recommended.

Side Note: My pick is Jaaxy Pro, however Mangools Basic or Moz Pro would be the next best alternative!

Domain and Website System Value

This is where the real value kicks in, in my opinion! While all the domain, website and hosting features can be sourced from many other places, none provide the level of convenience, performance and inclusions available through the SiteRubix system.

Let’s list them off:

  • Domain, Website Hosting, Management and Support all within the one interface.
  • Bandwidth up to 500,000 monthly visitors (that’s a lot).
  • 30GB of storage.
  • Host up to 25 of your own domains.
  • You get email, SSL Certificate security and all other features, even if the domain was purchased elsewhere!
  • Monitoring of you page speed status with integrated Google PageSpeed Insights tool.
  • One-click SSL installation (normally this is a very complex process).
  • Proprietary software that enhances website performance on the server end (no plugins required).
  • Full website health monitoring.
  • Ability to one-click login to any of your websites from the website manager.


And that’s not to mention that the interface is very intuitive and user-friendly, which is essential to beginners and those that are not so internet savvy.

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Final Thoughts

So is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money? I think we can conclusively say YES.

While we can definitely source most of the features in the platform from other providers for a comparable yearly cost, we cannot find the same level of convenience that this all-inclusive platform can offer us. Having everything in one place, accessible through a single account, and an easy to use interface is immeasurably valuable!

In addition, the savings and convenience gets scaled if you multiply it across several websites (up to 25 on your own domain). Since joining the system and trying out all the features, I have never once felt that the system is restricting me or forcing me to front up money for a feature that would be nice to have. They just offer it included at no additional cost.

The evidence is in the fee structure: One Yearly Fee + Cost of Each Domain Name per year. Simple! My costs will only go up if I purchase more domains ($13.99/year each), which is fair. Everything else is included.

So if you are looking to get into the world of online business, deciding if you should swap hosting providers or looking to become an internet marketer, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely for you! It will be hands-down worth your time and hard earn cash.

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  1. If you want a more in-depth look at all the features in Wealthy Affiliate, then check out my comprehensive review.
  2. You can Sign-Up for a Free Starter Account to check out the features before committing to the Premium Membership. I’ll be there on the other side to help get you started (Profile name SWPSLifestyl).
  3. Ask me any questions you might have.
  4. Continue your journey through the online world and build, build, build!
  5. Please leave me a comment or question below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my comparisons!

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Hey guys! I have a strong passion for online business and enjoy helping people escape the 9-5 office, by creating online businesses. I want to help people build a source of income that is separate from their time, allowing them to pursue their dreams and passions. Together we can focus on designing a life we don't need to escape from! If you ever need any help or have questions, I'm here, just give me a shout anytime!


Josh Ellery · November 6, 2017 at 9:45 pm

In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth the money but it depends on what you are trying to achieve. If your looking for a get rich quick scheme (which is impossible unless you win the lottery) then it isn’t for you. If you want to be financially independant for the rest of your life and you want to put in work and time. It is for you. Take your pick 😀

    Sven · November 6, 2017 at 9:56 pm

    Too right Josh! Many people are looking for the shortcut, but we must understand that we are in business to help people. In order to help people we must build a relationship and earn their trust, before we ask them to buy. Play the long game and you will win!

    Wealthy Affiliate enables you to build up this foundation. It gives you the training, the support (community) and the tools to get your message out to the world. All of this provides extremely great value for the fee you pay!

    The founders of platform are in it for the long game, and they have left an authentic and honest legacy for all members.

    Cheers, Sven.

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