Hey guys! Today I am going to introduce you to a powerful platform that has been extremely helpful in writing website content with the aim of having it appear in search results. I am going to provide you with review of the Jaaxy platform and show you why I reckon it is the best keyword research tool for SEO (search engine optimization) and a must have for serious online business ventures that rely on organic search results for traffic to their websites. I am an enterprise account holder within the platform, and have extensively used all the features I am showing you in this review.

Jaaxy advanced keyword research tool logoJaaxy is a platform created by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, and is a standalone product that is a much more powerful extension of the keyword research tool provided in the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Jaaxy was created for affiliate marketers, by affiliate marketers, and as a result is very tuned towards the metrics that are most important to these types of online entrepreneurs.

Even if you aren’t an affiliate marketer, many of you are ‘internet’ marketers by necessity as you are trying to ‘market’ your business on the internet in some way, shape or form. As a result, I believe this platform is necessary for anyone that has a large component of their internet marketing strategy based on organic search traffic through Google or other search engines like Bing or Yahoo. It would be a wise decision for any website to be optimized for SEO with supporting content aimed at attracting organic visitors. It reduces advertising costs and increases reach, simple as that!

I hope my review can give you plenty of insight into what Jaaxy is and how it can help you achieve more when build your online business.

Some Quick Definitions Before We Start

SEO – Search Engine Optimization: Refers to the practice of optimizing web pages with the aim to rank high in search engine results (page 1 is best) and receive free traffic (a.k.a organic traffic).

Organic Traffic – Refers to traffic to your website pages obtained by referral ‘organically’/without cost through search engines. To contrast, the flip-side of this is paid traffic, which is through things like Google Adsense or Pay-per-Click Ads.

Keyword – Is the industry accepted description for both a single word or phrase which you enter into a search engine. Call it the ‘search terms’ a person uses to start their search for something online, which nowadays is often a question like “what is the jaaxy keyword tool”.

SERP – Search Engine Results Page: Refers to the pages that are displayed by a search engine after you have searched any given keyword. Results shown on the page are ranked in order of relevancy to your search terms (determined by complex algorithms). Each SERP page shows 10 results (and often some additional ads).

Getting Ranked (in Google, Bing or Yahoo)Refers to the search engines determining that a given page on your website is relevant to a given keyword and ‘ranking’ it accordingly from 1 to 250 (and higher).

Let’s Get Into the Detail!

I recommend you use the linked contents menu below to navigate to the sections most relevant to you. However, if you want to get the whole picture (I know I would!) by all means, just continue reading through from top to bottom. For this reason I have chosen to go into detail, as I personally have always wanted the full picture when checking out new products and services and I’m sure a lot of you do to!


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Site Rank
Final Thoughts
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The Who, What, When, Where and Why of things…

What is Jaaxy: An all-inclusive platform for keyword research, market research and competition analysis aimed at online businesses who focus on SEO for their content.

Centralization and automation is one of the most valuable aspects of the platform. This is because features found in Jaaxy would usually be required to be performed manually or across numerous other platforms and tools. Seamless convenience is everything when you use a tool like this every day!

Who is Jaaxy for: Especially useful for internet marketers and affiliate marketers, and necessary for online entrepreneurs looking to write content with the aim of obtaining organic traffic to their pages and posts. Examples may include casual bloggers looking to increase their website traffic and reach, as well as e-commerce store owners who are writing helpful supporting content for their products. It will give them a better understanding of what their target audience is searching for and the competition around these search terms.

When can it be used: Most useful as an ongoing tool in the early to mid stages of building out your online business, when you are looking to build search engine trust and niche authority. It is undoubtedly useful for established businesses looking to continually provide valuable content to their audience, as well as track their performance and competition. The paid features are less useful when you are just starting your business, but the free features will come in handy during the market research phase.

Where can it be used: The platform is entirely online, so anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. And…of course you need a computer 😉


  • Very Powerful Keyword Research Tool
  • Extremely Useful Related Keyword Lists and a Brainstorming Feature – find those keywords you would have not thought of!
  • Alphabet Soup Search for Even More Related Keywords – just about endless!
  • Saved Keyword Lists
  • Check Out the Top Competition in the First Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  • Check the Search Engine Rank (for Google, Bing and Yahoo) of Your Page/Post for a given keyword – this is an awesome feature, and highly motivational!
  • Free Starter Account


  • Keyword research can’t be performed at a local or targeted level. In other words, you can’t target a specific country, region or demographic. The results are global results.
  • I would have liked to see more than 30 searches in the free starter account. I feel it is a bit low and restrictive, but better than none and it at least allows people to check out all the features before they commit!

How it helped me and Why I recommend it: After having signed-up to Wealthy Affiliate I was soon introduced to the Jaaxy platform as more powerful and standalone platform to the integrated in-house tool. I signed-up for the free starter account and explored the features. I was impressed, but at the time my focus was towards getting started in the affiliate marketing world, so I put the platform on the “in the future list”.

Once I really got going in affiliate marketing and after a major update to the platform from Jaaxy version 2.0 to 3.0, I looked at the revamped system and decided that it was going to be a valuable investment moving forward. I now use this tool just about every day, and before I start any piece of content.

The platform has provided me with an easy to use central location for all the things I need to do before I start an article for Inspire Entrepreneur. So convenience, and the ability to understand what you guys (my target audience) are searching for, is key to providing the most valuable articles for you! In addition to this, I can automatically track the performance of my article in relation to search engine rank, which is an awesome motivator.

All-in-all the platform provides one of the core tools surrounding content creation in my businesses.

Right, let’s get into detail of the features and breakdown of the Jaaxy platform.

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Keyword Research – The Starting Point

Keyword search forms the starting point for anyone to find anything on the internet. This is the core, and by far the most valuable, function of Jaaxy. It provides the starting point for your research and you begin by typing in a phrase relating to whatever topic you are looking into.
Here are what the results look like and below is an explanation for each of the columns.


The result is a list of all keywords relating to the phrase you typed in, with your exact phrase shown at the top of the list.

A quick side note: A useful feature for this list is that each column (except Keyword and Domains) can be sorted in ascending or descending order, which is great for comparing keywords.

Average Monthly Searches


This is one of the key metrics I look at, as it tells you how many average searches are performed in a month for a given keyword. This is great for determining interest in a topic, the higher the number of searches, the better!

Potential Traffic Volume per Month


This a calculated metric which indicates the potential average monthly traffic that could arrive on your post or page if it was ranked highly for that given keyword. Actually volumes will of course vary and are dependent on many factors, the highest of which being your position in the search engine rank.

Quoted Search Result (QSR) – a.k.a Competition


QSR is a metric that provides an indication of competition surrounding a given keyword. It was derived from the old school methodology of finding competition by actually searching the given keyword in “quotation marks” in Google, and counting the number of competing pages for that result. The algorithm behind it has of course since been updated, along with how Google displays results, but a cool concept none-the-less and the one of the most important metrics I look at!

Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI)


This is a calculated metric which indicates how good a keyword is relation to search volume, traffic and competition. Something that you should also consider in your research is the readability of the keyword… as in, does it make sense to a human reading it!?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Score


This is again a calculated metric, much like the KQI, which gives an indication on how easy it would be to ‘rank’ for the given keyword in Google. The closer the score is to 100, the better! This one is another important number I look at in my research.

Domain Availability


The domain availability columns checks to see if there is a ‘.com’, ‘.net’ or ‘.org’ available for the given keyword. For example, if the keyword is “best tools for business”, it would check if you could purchase the domains:

  • besttoolsforbusiness.com
  • besttoolsforbusiness.net
  • besttoolsforbusiness.org

This is something that is used less often and is only useful for phrases that would make good domain names, but it is very helpful when you are starting out in market research and checking domain name availability for a niche.

Related Keywords

This column is a handy little feature, as it provides even more related keywords that you may have not considered.


Brainstorm Keywords

This column is where you can pull from the queue of keywords to search, and is set up in the Brainstorm tool (I cover this below). It effectively provides convenient access to your brainstorm queue without needing to swap between sections of the platform.

This is something I use less often, but might be very useful for some people depending on how they go about their research process.

But How do I Use All This?

So you might be wondering at this point that having all this information is great, but how do you actually put it to use and make decisions? Let me explain my methodology, which will give you a better idea.

If you really boil it down, there are three main phases of creating an online business:


  1. Starting Phase – I use Jaaxy in a more general manner where I simply search keywords around a topic or niche and get a general idea of the interest around the topic. Here I look mainly at what related keywords come up and the interest surrounding these keywords in terms of the average monthly searches (Search Volumes >100). I also look at the QSR column but only very briefly.
  2. Creating Phase – This is the phase where you are building out your website and content within it. Here I use the low hanging fruit method, where I focus on keywords that are easiest to rank in Google (low competition). I look for keywords to focus on where the Search Volume > 100 (or close to it) and the QSR < 100 (ideally < 50). I save these to a list and compare them based on SEO score.
  3. Maintaining Phase – This is the phase where your website is trusted by search engines, you are getting consistent organic traffic through and you have plenty of valuable content (this takes time and work!). At this stage it becomes much easier to rank for keywords so the focus can be extended on to Search Volumes > 200 and the QSR < 200. Though low hanging fruit are still good to target!

Saved Keyword Lists

The Saved Lists feature is an extension of the Keyword Research feature as it allows you to save any number of keywords for later reference. You can structure, organize, delete and export these list as you like.


One nifty feature which I love, is that the keyword gets highlighted with an “L” once you have added it to the list. This is great for knowing what keywords you have come across and saved already!


Keyword Search History

Another great feature is the ability to recall your search history. This is something I use very often, because I get so immersed in the research and comparing that I forget what I started off searching in the first place!

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The Alphabet Soup Search technique is used by internet marketers as a way to find more related keywords around a phrase, and is especially focused on seeing what people are actually searching for in search engines.

The manual way to do this is to use Google auto-complete where you start typing your phrase and then you type a letter of the alphabet. Google will then show you the most relevant results based on what people have been searching. You can then change the letter and get a different set of results.


Jaaxy does this for you too, but provides a nifty feature where you can just use a slider bar to move your way through the alphabet. This completely removes the manual nature of the technique and you can perform a keyword search directly from a phrase or add it to the brainstorm queue. All without typing, copying or pasting… Brilliant!


Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Analysis – Check Out the Competition

One of the biggest aspects around any keyword search is to understand what the competing pages are doing. It is essential to understand who are the top competitors for a given search phrase, what they talk about and how they talk about it. The Search Analysis feature provides you with the ability to see the ‘global’ (independent of location) first page results for any given keywords across Google, Bing or Yahoo.


I find this extremely useful in my research process, as it allows me to do several things:

  • Visit each of the top pages to see what they write about and how they write it.
  • Visit each of the top pages to get an idea of what their website is about.
  • Get an understanding of the word count of the article for each competing page.
  • Get an understanding of other metrics such as links on page, back links to the whole website and Alexa Rank. This gives an indication of how authoritative the website is (more back links and lower rank = more authority).

I can of course do this search manually and cost free, by opening a new tab and searching for the phrase in each respective search engine. However, it is just another example of the convenience and value Jaaxy provides by having the feature included, making it seamless and easy for us to use. After all, we buy a lot of things nowadays for the ‘convenience’ aspect, don’t we!?

All-in-all is it important to get an understanding of the competition in order to be able to do it better than them or to decide if the competition is too high and move on with other related keywords.

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Affiliate Programs Search

This is a feature I use less often as I am more accustomed to finding affiliate programs by searching for them in search engines, however it is a great starting point for finding programs within an affiliate network.

The affiliate networks that are searchable in this feature include some of the most popular; Commission Junction, LinkShare (Rakuten), Digital River and Click Bank. However, among these there are 100s of private affiliate programs, so if you end up using this feature, be wary that these are not the only options out there! Just google “_____ + affiliate program”.


Brainstorm – Check Out the Latest World Trends

This feature is a little confusing to me. There are two distinct uses to the feature which I can see.


The first (shown on the left), is the ability to add any keyword you found to a brainstorm queue. This queue then can be accessed from the Keyword Research feature and provides a handy list of keywords you want to remember to look into next.

The second (shown on the right), is the latest trending topics across Google, Alexa, Amazon and Twitter. This has been less useful for me as my online businesses haven’t focused on latest trends, mainly because they go out-of-trend! However, blogs which talk about the latest things may find it useful.

In my opinion, these two features should be split up, but they are useful in some specific scenarios none-the-less.

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Site Rank – Track Your Content Performance

So the end game of this research is to be able to write a page of content, publish it on your site and have it rank high in the search engines for organic traffic to your website. It would be awesome then, to have the ability to track the performance of a piece of content on your site over time. This will allow you to see how you did and adjust accordingly.

Jaaxy provides just the feature through Site Rank, and I found it to be extremely useful. In Site Rank you can check the rank of a given domain for a given search term, and it doesn’t even need to be your domain (so you can watch the competition too!).


When you perform a search it will look through the first 20 pages of Google, Bing or Yahoo to find a page on your website which is ranked for the phrase you entered. If it found something, the results will show your current rank and what page you are on.

You then have options to track the keyword automatically at any frequencies ranging from daily to monthly. This is very useful for motivation as you content gains traction in search engines and climbs up the ranks! Be conscious though, it is easier said than done to rank content (as with most things), but not too difficult if done right and given time.

Over time the automatic tracking will draw a graph and you can see how your website is trending for a specific phrase. This feature is extremely useful if you are performing SEO improvements to your website and would like to track the effect of these changes.


A quick side note: You can also check the position of your website in Google search results through Google Search Console, however you can’t control the exact search query. The feature can be found under Search Analytics and the image below is that of a typical website that is just starting to gain trust with Google (see the scattered green position line).

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The membership structure for Jaaxy is quite simple and broken down into three levels: Free, Pro and Enterprise. As you go up each level, you are offered more speed, more features, fewer limitations and more convenience (i.e. less manual’ness… if that’s a word).

The comparison is shown below:

Jaaxy Membership Options

Annual membership are also available and provide a discount over the monthly payments.

Cost of Pro = $49USD a month or $499USD a year (=$41.58 per month for annual membership).

Cost of Enterprise = $99USD a month or $999USD a year (=$83.25 per month for annual membership).

Is it Worth it and Which Level?

This depends on a several factors and it is best to consider: which phase in your online business are you at? My suggests are:

  1. Starting Phase – Definitely sign-up for the free starter account and make use of the 30 searches. Check out the features and keep them in mind for the near future.
  2. Creating Phase – Your 30 searches are probably exhausted at this stage, so you will need to consider Pro or Enterprise. If you are creating content for SEO and aim to obtain organic traffic, then I recommend you upgrade to the Pro monthly plan (or Enterprise if you can afford it). Use the platform and monitor how useful it is for your business strategy and goals. Move to an annual plan if you are considering using it an on ongoing basis.
  3. Maintaining Phase – You should be receiving consistent cash flow through your online business at this stage, so the question here is whether the platform will help you make more money or increase your reach? If yes, then I recommend the Enterprise annual membership.

I am using the Enterprise annual membership and it is great for me as I use it just about daily! It forms a core tool for my businesses and the value it provides far outweighs the cost paid in my opinion.

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Final Thoughts

So this was a detailed look at the Jaaxy platform and how it is a great keyword research tool for those aiming to optimize their websites for search engines. Appearing in organic search results is a very low cost way of funneling traffic to you website, where the ‘cost’ aspect is the cost of this tool, which helps you achieve the ‘free’ traffic. Jaaxy helps with giving you more confidence in understanding what your target audience is looking for, which is essential in growing your business and extending your online reach!

I hope you have found my detailed Jaaxy review useful for your journey and if you have any questions or want more clarification on something, please contact me or leave a question in the comments section below, I am here to help!

Are you ready!? Yes! Then get pumped, get inspired and let’s create a remarkable business!
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  1. Sign up for a free Starter Account with Jaaxy
  2. Check out the features and start researching!
  3. Ask me any questions you might have.
  4. Continue your journey through the online world.
  5. Please leave me a comment or question below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this review!

Join the Platform

Start your keyword research in the Jaaxy platform with the free Starter account.


If you wanted to check out the Pro ($49USD a month) or Enterprise ($99USD a month) account features you can sign-up direct via the button below.


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Hey guys! I have a strong passion for online business and enjoy helping people escape the 9-5 office, by creating online businesses. I want to help people build a source of income that is separate from their time, allowing them to pursue their dreams and passions. Together we can focus on designing a life we don't need to escape from! If you ever need any help or have questions, I'm here, just give me a shout anytime!


Susan · October 11, 2017 at 1:36 pm

I am new to the online business platform and I’m considering the Jaaxy platform as well. The keyword research tool is very useful. Now, I am still under the free trial phase and hopefully with the business moving forward, I can upgrade into the pro package. Building website and gaining traffic is certainly not as easy as thought!
Will keep this review in mind and come back when I have any question!

    Sven · October 11, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    Hi Susan,

    Welcome to the online business world! It is definitely a challenging journey, but an amazing one at that!

    Jaaxy will undoubtedly be useful for any keyword research you need to perform and I believe the Pro package is worth the money and value. Keep on progressing and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    You might also like to check out the Inspiration Center during those tougher moments, as we all need a little inspiration at times! Good luck!

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