Hey guys! Let me introduce you to Lynda.com, one of the most popular online video learning platforms.

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In this article I will be providing you with a review of the platform, and exploring whether it is worth the money, by taking a look at the benefits it provides you.

Lynda.com is owned by LinkedIn, which is how I came across it, and I have been signed up as a premium member for quite some time now. Let’s see how it can help you!

If I Were to Summarize, I Would Say This…

Lynda.com is an online video education platform providing training courses for a broad range of topics in personal and professional development.

Learning categories include everything from accounting, to various software packages, business, management and online marketing (I show you a comprehensive list below). More videos are continually being added, and they are presented in a high quality format with knowledgeable presenters.

Many of the courses provide extended learning resources such as quizzes, summaries, notes and bonus material. You are also able to save any tutorials of interest to custom named playlists for future learning and convenience.

The platform serves in excess of 10,000 organizations, and is used for ongoing education in some of the top companies in the world.

Here’s a short video from the founder, introducing the platform:


Inside the Platform
Course Categories
Course Delivery
Searching for Courses
Access to the Platform
Final Thoughts

The who, what, when, where and why of things…

What is Lynda.com: It is an online learning platform for improving your personal or business skills, as well as knowledge of software packages.

Who is it for: Anyone looking to improve themselves personally or professionally, whether it’s their hobby, career or business. You can save courses your are interested in and view them at your leisure and pace.

When can it be used: Best used as an ongoing learning tool for self-improvement and growth.

Where can it be used: An internet connection is typically required, but you can use it on the go via a mobile app. If you are a premium member, you have the option to download courses for offline view.


  • Comprehensive library of courses.
  • High quality video tutorials.
  • Knowledgeable experts and presenters.
  • Great bonus resources.
  • Convenience through playlists and bite-sized video breakdowns.
  • Content is continually expanded and updated.
  • Great for ‘on-the-go’, and an excellent offline learning feature (premium only).
  • Features full transcripts of the courses.
  • 30-day Free Trial


  • Premium membership may feel pricey as an upfront cost, but value is determined by how much you use it.
  • Can’t ask questions, as the system does not provide a forum or community. It is a purely self-guided learning environment.

How it helped me and Why I recommend it: I first came across Lynda.com through my personal LinkedIn profile, when I was looking for a way to enhance my skills in management and career development. I watched many videos on leadership, project management, negotiation and resume writing, which were extremely helpful in advancing my career as an engineer.

I then changed my direction along an alternative pathway of online business (you can read more about this story here), and found the platform was still extremely useful. The courses gave me a better understanding of software packages like WordPress, as well as an introduction to affiliate marketing and PayPal. These were very useful to get an in-depth understanding before I jumped in and started!

Now I continue to use the platform to learn more about online business related topics such as SEO, Instagram and content marketing, as well as personal skills such as photography. It has been a great tool for improving myself, and I hope it can provide the same for you!

Right, let’s get into detail of the features and benefits.

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Inside the Platform – Visually Engaging

The system presents a visually engaging and intuitive interface for you to explore and find the best learning opportunities. This is great, because there is nothing worse than a learning platform which is dull and boring!

The courses are easily searchable by any keywords or categories, and there are sections featuring new, popular and recommended tutorials. I find the recommended section very useful for discovering new content, and these are based on your learning preferences set in your profile, as well as your viewing history.


Course Categories – An Extensive Selection

One of the greatest benefits of the Lynda.com platform is the ever-increasing, and already extensive, course offering. It features a great list of categories for both online and physical world skills, as well as comprehensive list of software packages relating to each industry.


I know that when I am checking out a new service or platform to join, I’d like to get the full picture on what’s offered and available. As a result, I have included some snapshots of the course categories (in alphabetical order) below.

You can browse through and get an indication of courses and topics that are most applicable to you. The number next to the subject is the quantity of courses available in that category.


Some of the best courses that I have watched during my time with the platform include:

For Career Professionals:

  • Negotiating Your Salary
  • Acing Your Interview
  • Negotiation
  • Body Language for Leaders
  • Project Management Fundamentals

For Entrepreneurs and Business People:

  • PayPal Essential Training
  • Online Marketing Foundations
  • Affiliate Marketing Foundations
  • WordPress Essential Training
  • SEO Foundations

For Personal Improvement

  • Introduction to Photography (also good for business and social media)

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Playlists – Sort and Save for Later

Another great benefit is the ability for you to easily save courses you come across to playlists. You can name and categorize the playlists, however you like.

It makes it convenient for you to find saved courses, and allows you to go about your learning in a focused and effective way. In addition to this, within each playlist you can arrange the priority of the courses to the order you would like to watch them in. As a result, you can efficiently progress your education from “essentials” or “foundations” to more in-depth content in any given area.


Course Delivery – Learn at Your Leisure and Pace

Below you will see how the courses are delivered on the platform. It provides a video player with all the usual playback and full screen functions. The menu on the left has all of your modules, broken down into bite-sized chunks. Each module has an indicator of whether you have watched it or not (blue eye symbol), which makes it easy to pick up where you left off.


All tutorials are delivered by a professional in the topic and the videos feature a mix of watching the person speak, slideshows and screen recordings. This is especially useful for online or software related skills, so you can visually follow along what the presenter is navigating to or configuring on a software application.

One of the great benefits of the system is the availablity of a full transcript of the tutorials. You can read along, as it highlights the text in yellow, or save extracts in your digital notes.

There is also a “Notebook” feature, which allows you to jot down thoughts and relate them to an exact point within the video. The notes can be exported out of the system for your personal records and future reference.


Many courses also offer some bonus material in the form of downloadable exercise files. These often include checklists or summaries, as well as guides to apply the knowledge you have just gained.


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Let’s take a quick look at the search function within the system, as there some powerful and convenient features I would like to show you.

You can perform a simple search using the search bar at the top. This returns courses featuring your keywords in the title, content or tags of the modules.

The great thing is, you can filter these results for any number of things using the menu on the left. Filtering options include skill level, duration, subject, software, companies or authors.

Additionally, Lynda.com offers a nifty benefit where they often provide their own curated playlist suggestion for certain searches. This can provide you with a quick baseline for starting your learning!


Access to Lynda.com – Perfect for On-the-Go

The platform and learning resources can be accessed from a number of convenient mobile applications. These include:

  • Website – Login to via their website, allowing you to learn right from your desktop or laptop.
  • Desktop App – You also have the ability to down the Windows App via the windows store, which provides you with convenient access right on your taskbar or desktop.
  • Mobile App – The mobile phone app can be downloaded for iPhone/iPad, Android or Windows system. This is convenient for listening on the go. If you have the premium membership, you can download courses for offline view, which was great for listening to on public transport or while traveling. I found it super useful for listening to while on a plane!
  • AppleTV and Roku – The app is also available for access via Apple TV and Roku.

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Integration with LinkedIn – Enhance Your Professional Profile

Another cool benefit of the system is that, since it is owned by LinkedIn, it provides seamless integration between the two platforms.

You can sync your course certificates (provided upon completion) to your LinkedIn profile, and publish the updates automatically. While these certificates aren’t accredited in any way, it gives a great indication of your continual involvement in professional development and understanding of topics relating to your industry. Useful on your resume and professional profile!

Here is an extract of some certificates on my LinkedIn profile.



Access to the platform is available via a subscription to their premium membership. You can test out the system with a 30-day free trial before upgrading to either a monthly or annual premium plan.

  • Monthly = $39.99 per month
  • Annual = $34.99 per month (save $60 per year)

You can also sign up for a group membership, which is handy if you would like to provide education for 5 or more people in your organization.

Below are the features available through each level.


It is worth to note here that the ability to view courses offline is only available through the premium annual plan.

On another note, you are also requested to enter credit card details for the 30-day trial, which is a silly marketing tactic if you ask me. Be sure to set a reminder for yourself to make the decision of sticking with the platform or not, before this 30-day window ends, otherwise you will have the first month automatically charge! You will find some reviews mention this, so some diligence is required to prevent it from becoming a negative for you.

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Final Thoughts – Is Lynda.com Worth The Money?

The learning materials provided by the Lynda.com platform are very high quality, relevant and detailed. Categories cover a broad range of industries and sub-topics within these industries, so there is plenty of content to get you from beginner to seasoned professional.

The system also provides many convenient benefits for your learning, such as playlists, note taking, transcripts and the ability to view courses offline. While you can search and find videos on similar content through free platforms like YouTube, it is not provided in a central location, can often be provided by amateurs and sometimes lacks quality of content.

So then, is it worth your money?

It definitely is! If you can regularly assign the time for focused learning and self-improvement., and if the subjects you are interested in learning are featured, this online learning platform will provide you with plenty of ongoing value. You can check the subjects I listed earlier, or do a search while on your 30-day trial.

I continued to use the platform after changing my direction from an engineering and project management career, to online business and entrepreneurship. It provides me with the fundamentals, and is complemented by another online business specific training platform I am a part of. This illustrates the flexibility and extensive content provided by the platform, which you can also benefit from, as you probably aren’t involved in just one thing.

I hope you have found my Lynda.com review useful in your search for an online learning platform You can contact me any time if you have questions, feedback or get stuck along the way.

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  1. Sign up to a Lynda.com 30-day free trial.
  2. Check out the features.
  3. Ask me any questions you might have.
  4. Please leave me a comment or question below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this review!


You can join the platform through an obligation free 30-day trial, and check out if there are some great courses for you.


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Hey guys! I have a strong passion for online business and enjoy helping people escape the 9-5 office, by creating online businesses. I want to help people build a source of income that is separate from their time, allowing them to pursue their dreams and passions. Together we can focus on designing a life we don't need to escape from! If you ever need any help or have questions, I'm here, just give me a shout anytime!


Steve & Kris · November 8, 2017 at 4:23 am

I have wondered the same thing, whether or not to use lynda com. Can you pay for just a single class? That has always been my biggest hurdle. I don’t necessarily need a monthly subscription, but would rather pay for a class as I need it. I am sure I would get a lot out of the membership, but paying every month has been a deterrent for me. Lynda com certainly offers a wide variety of courses and it sounds like you are very impressed by the content they offer. How much is the group membership? Does that work the same way, a monthly subscription for a certain number of people? That may be the way to go, then get my company to pay for it. Thanks for this review. I look forward to hearing your responses?

    Sven · November 8, 2017 at 8:05 am

    Hi Steve/Kris,

    Thanks for the questions! At this stage Lynda.com does provide the ability to pay for a single class, however you can pay for a month and cancel your plan after seeing the videos you need to see. You can reactivate you account at any point after that.

    I am unsure on the costs of the group membership as I haven’t had the opportunity with a group of 5 or more. This would be best suited for companies, and I am sure a business case could be put forward to justify the cost. I would imagine it gets cheaper on a per person cost as more people are added. Best bet would probably be to contact Lynda.com sales.

    I logged in to my account and this is the contact information provided to me for Group Memberships.

    Hope that answers your questions. Let me know if you have more!

    Cheers, Sven.

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