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Today I wanted to introduce you to a book that has made a major impact to my habits and the way I go about my day. The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint to Massive Success, by Peter Voogd, has not only made a difference to my health and mindset personally, but has also significantly helped me to action and progress in business. All in all, the book has really helped me execute whatever it is that I need to get done on an unshakably consistent basis.

The Entrepreneur's Blueprint to Massive Success, book cover.This post is a summary of the book, with a brief overview of the chapters and content, as well as my personal take and experiences on the lessons and learnings. It will hopefully help you get an idea of what the book is about and whether it can help you. I highly recommend you check it out as it will give you a good foundation to develop the right habits for success and achieving your personal goals in online business.

If I Were to Summarize, I Would Say This…

The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint to Massive Success is a book about habits, productivity and mindset changes that, if actioned, provides you with the best chance of success as an entrepreneur.

Peter writes about the top success habits and routines that will help you create consistent energy and confidence to achieve at your very best. He introduces productivity tips for getting the most out of your day, which is especially great for all of us in our very busy lives. And most importantly, he talks about changing your mindset and asking the right questions to spark thought and gain clarity on where you are, currently, and where you ultimately want to be!

But… Since We Have Time, Let’s Get Into the Detail!

I am a strong believer in ‘just-in-time’ information, rather than ‘just-in-case’ information, ever since the concept was first introduced to me. Following this philosophy, I recommend you use the linked contents menu below to navigate to the sections most relevant to you. However, if you want to get the whole picture (I know I would!) by all means, just continue reading through from top to bottom.


A Little About The Author
Life And Business On Your Terms
The Highest Form Of Accomplishment
The 6 “Musts” To Extreme Achievement
The Seven Trends Of Young Millionaires
How To Build A World Class Life
Invest In Your Confidence Account
How To Build Mental Toughness
Using The Decision Train To Take Action
The Power Of Asking Questions
Six Steps To Change In 90 Days
How To Create Consistent Energy In Your Life
Why You Need A Morning Routine
The Power Of EvE Ratio
The “I Don’t Have Enough Time” Myth
Final Thoughts
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The who, what, when, where and why of things…

The Book’s Tag Line: Create an Exceptional Lifestyle While Doing Business On Your Terms. Exactly what I am about and what I want the Inspire Entrepreneur website to help you achieve. The book is a great foundation for this.

What is the book about: Lessons and learnings about the habits and mindset required to give you the best chance at success as an entrepreneur. Examples include implementing a consistent morning routine to prepare you for the day, as well as changing the “I don’t have time” mindset to allow you to achieve more. It provides actionable steps at the end of each chapter for you to execute and achieve!

Who is the book for: Especially great for those starting out in the entrepreneurial world, a welcomed insight for those seeking a way to achieve more or change the way they have been approaching business, and very useful for anyone seeking success in their life, business or otherwise.

When is the book useful: The learnings in this book are great for establishing a solid foundation of habits at the beginning of your endeavor for success. It also serves as a guide (a blueprint as the Peter Voogd calls it) that you can often revisit, as you progress through your journey.

Where can I find the book: The paperback copy can be purchased through Amazon. I purchased the paperback copy only after I listened to the audio book through Audible (30-day free trial and 2 free audio books). I often listen to audio books while driving or around the house to maximize my time for learning and growing. If this sounds useful to you, check out what Audible is and how it works here.


  • Excellent suggestions for changing habits and mindset, many of which I have implemented myself.
  • Useful tips for productivity and goal setting, which has helped me to progress much faster with my business tasks and stay on track.
  • Evergreen suggestions and insight that are useful for both business and everyday life!
  • Extremely useful insight into the behaviors of successful entrepreneurs, something that intrigues me and I aspire to.


  • While the title suggests it is a blueprint, I found that the chapters did not follow a structure that I expected a “blueprint” would traditionally have. However, if you treat each chapter as pretty much a standalone, it works just fine.
  • The ‘free gift’ suggested on the cover of the book and the link provided in the book ends up on a ‘Page Not Found’. Going to the main homepage of that link brings you to a sign-up page for one of Peter’s live seminars. I was intrigued to see what this gift was about, so a little disappointed it is now a broken link.

How it helped me and Why I recommend it:

6 Months to 6 Figures BookThe Entrepreneur’s Blueprint to Massive Success really gave me the much-needed kick to get focused on my success habits. I had read Peter Voogd’s first book, 6 Months to 6 Figures, but to be honest I didn’t really implement any of the suggestions. This was my first mistake and a mistake that many make when reading books… we just don’t action the learnings enough!

So this had to change, as I had spent almost a year between books… still progressing with online business, but not in a focused and intentional way. Upon listening to this book I made a promise to action a majority of its suggestions that fit in with my goals. I did just that and never looked back.

I found that the book provided a foundation of habits that has been crucial in bringing me back on the right path. It has enhanced my energy and productivity, but most importantly my consistency in progress. I have created routines to improve my mindset and my health, and this has given me the solid foundation I need to continually strive for success. By sharing the book with you I hope it can help you discover what drives your inner energy. Please share with me how you went, I am keen to know how it helped you!

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A Little About The Author – Peter Voogd

Peter Voogd is an entrepreneur, speaker and mentor to aspiring young millennials. He created the Game Changers Academy which is a training and networking community for young professionals and entrepreneurs, and wrote the #1 international bestselling book, 6 Months to 6 Figures.

His story brings him from the age of 14 when he started his first eBay business and saw a way to separate his income from his time when he made $91 in one day on eBay, while working for his dad for $60 in that same day. He continued on and got a job down the traditional pathway, but soon realized he wanted something different… something that would allow him to control his income and the life he desired. He then moved on to sales, eventually becoming a manager and opening his own sales office.

He has since created multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses and now dedicates most of his time to helping entrepreneurs grow their income and expand their network.

Right, let’s get into a summary of the chapters. There are actually 32 short chapters in the book, so to keep it concise I have chosen to summarize only the best ones.

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In the introduction to the book, Peter talks about several topics of regret most people have in their lives. The number one being that many people often regret settling for what others have always expected of them and never really pursuing their dreams.

He talks about how life is about adventure, experiences, memories and ultimately fun. This can’t be easily achieved when 76% of our society (according to CNN.com) are currently living paycheck to paycheck. Money is essential for life and lifestyle, and everybody needs to value it.

Many people also keep mediocre, and sometimes toxic, friends and acquaintances around them. This hinders their ability to grow as these people often focus on complaining or bringing you down rather than encouraging you to achieve more. The suggestion is to move away from these people and lift you circle of influence.

The final regret mentioned is the regret of leaving behind a mediocre legacy. When 71% of people are actively disengaged at work and hate what they do, it is actually down to them to take action and to change their situation. Don’t just think about yourself, think about who you are inspiring or who looks up to you and ensure that with every action you take you are creating an exceptional legacy!

Life And Business On Your Terms

In order to live a life on your terms, you need to be clear on what you want and why. In this chapter Peter tells his story as inspiration and when he hit rock-bottom, how he was very clear with himself that he would never be in that situation again.

The challenge is that if you are serious about entrepreneurship and creating an amazing lifestyle, you need to be clear on what you want, be willing to continually learn and grow, and be willing to do things differently. By daring to be different, you are one step closer to standing out and creating an exceptional lifestyle you don’t need to escape from.

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The Highest Form Of Accomplishment

Is Mastery! The master vs. overload principle is a theory that the best way to become successful is to ensure you master the fundamentals that match your end goals. Too often people overload themselves with information that they either get overwhelmed and quit, or never master the skill and lose patience in the journey.

Master the skills needed to achieve your goals, one skill at a time and you will give yourself the best chance to succeed. Read, learning, practice and teach this skill until it is second nature and have the patience to endure the learning process as it is never straight away!

The 6 “Musts” To Extreme Achievement

This chapter introduces the 6 C’s, which has made one of the biggest impacts to my life and habits. The 6 C’s has formed a cornerstone to the foundation of habits that helps me continually achieve and progress at my very best.

The C’s are: Clarity, Confidence, Circle of Influence, Consistent Energy/Inner Drive/Motivation, Create Result Rituals, Continual Growth and Learning.

Because these have been so important to me, I have summarized these as the 6 C’s of Success in a PDF below, and wrote about them in great detail in another post. Feel free to download the poster, print it and hang it somewhere useful for you. You are welcome to share it with like-minded friend as well.

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It is important that if you want to become a millionaire, you need to think like a millionaire. It is the habits and trends of millionaires that separate them from the rest. These trends can be summarized into seven areas:

Urgency Create a sense of urgency for everything. There is no time to waste and I should never stop growing and learning.

Elevated Influence Ensure I have mentors that are achieving at a higher level than me.

Manage Time & Relationships Wisely – Spend my time wisely.

Maximize My Strengths – Focus on what I am best at and delegate the rest.

Don’t Trade My Time For Money – Scale and leverage resources in my businesses.

Don’t Care What People Think Of Me – Stay true to my vision and goals, and don’t limit these to what other people think of them.

Product First, Consumer Second – Create and produce something rich, which will ultimately allow me to consume richly.

How To Build A World Class Life

In order to build a world-class life you first need to figure out the type of person you are and your inner core values. Practice self awareness, ensure you are continually true to yourself, and choose your values wisely. It is essential that you are authentic in everything you do and you can help this by reaching to people who are achieving what you would like to achieve.

The second part of this is practicing the art of gratitude. Being grateful for what you have, the experiences you have had and the choices you have made. All successful people practice gratitude, and this drives a positive energy within them, which ties into their ability to continually achieve! Writing down something you are grateful for each day, will go a long way to achieving success.

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Invest In Your Confidence Account

This chapter introduces the concept of the confidence account, which is like a bank account for your level of confidence. It is essential that entrepreneurs keep their account at a high level as they are making bolder decisions and reaching out to those at a higher level than them. The only job security an entrepreneur has is the confidence in their own skills and decision-making abilities.

It all comes down to the little choices you make each day about everything. Each little choice and action either helps or hinders your confidence, so it is imperative that you make the choices that build on your confidence. Peter provides 5 tips to help build your confidence account:

  1. Ask yourself “Will this choice help or hurt my confidence?”
  2. Your perspective on challenges either helps or hurts your confidence.
  3. Stay consistent and you will see the results that will increase your confidence.
  4. Get out of your comfort zone regularly.
  5. Never compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.

How To Build Mental Toughness

Whenever you are faced with a challenge or important decision it is essential to meet this with excitement. This helps a lot in being tough against adversity, and the ability to take more and more setbacks without crumbling in it. You need to take the time think through each problem or challenge you face, take a step back to breath, analyze and focus. You need to respond, not react.

Investing in persistence is the key to developing your mental toughness, and this is done over a period of time as you take on more challenges and expand your capacity.

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Using The Decision Train To Take Action

Most People: Feelings ⇒ Actions ⇒ Decisions

The Top 5%: Decisions ⇒ Actions ⇒ Feelings

Most people take action based on their feelings, and make a sub-conscious decision based on this. If they don’t feel like exercising… they don’t. If they don’t feel like waking up… they don’t.

The top 5% make a decision to do something, they take action to do it and feel better as a result. They stick to what they say they will do. The biggest aspect to achieving this is to make the decision beforehand, when you are thinking of your success and your future. This locks in the promise so that when it comes time to take action, you do it because you made the decision in your best interests and for your goals. The result, is an increase in your confidence after executing every commitment you made.

The Power Of Asking Questions

It is important to continually be asking yourself the right questions. Questions that will spark your thought about what you are doing, why you are doing it and whether it is in line with your goals and dreams. Ask yourself:

  • Are you living your calling or your mission?
  • Are you living in a way that is maximizing your strengths?
  • Are you enjoying what you are doing?
  • Why are you doing what you are doing?

You might have your own questions too. The key is to ask yourself the right questions about the stuff that means the most to you. If you often think, I can’t afford that… instead ask yourself “How can I afford that?”. The answer will spark a thought process about changing the current situation. The key is to analyze and then take action. Sitting idle changes nothing.

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Create a 90 day plan and break it down.

Six Steps To Change In 90 Days

This chapter talks about executing the 3-90-1 plan, as a clear concise way of deciding what you want to achieve and what you need to work on right now to bring you closer to that:

  • 3 = Focus on three main goals…
  • 90 = that you want to achieve in the next 90 days for your business or life…
  • 1 = and then decide what are the things lacking in order to achieve those goals, and pick one to work on right now.

Track your progress and then move on to the next gap once you have completed the first one. Repeat this and you will continually progress towards your goals.

How To Create Consistent Energy In Your Life

Consistent energy and motivation is a key to achieve continual progress and ultimately success. You need the energy to sustain your ongoing work, activities and all round hustle in creating your online business. Peter suggests tips involving taking care of your health and habits. You need to eat healthier, eat lighter and drink more water. It is also essential to have a morning routine that prepares you for the day, and to incorporate some sort of exercise in it to get the blood pumping (helps with metabolism too!).

One of the biggest things I found useful (as I am consistent worrier on all the little things), is that stress, worry and a lack of clarity are some of the biggest energy drainers. You need to be able to clear your mind and develop a sense of clarity over you direction. To do this, Peter suggests the 50-minute focus finder technique. Set a timer for 50 minutes and with a few sheets of paper and a pen, write down everything that comes to mind. Every task, every worry, every thought… absolutely everything that is in your head. This will clear your mind.

The next step is to cross out everything that you can’t control or change… no point in worrying about this stuff. Then highlight what you can delegate to somebody else. On the remaining things, write down the date that these things need to get done by. Now figure out what you need to action right now and go do it. Now you are very clear and focused on what needs to be done, when it needs to be done by, who can help and what can’t be helped.

This was a major help for me! Try out the 50-minute focus finder technique and let me know how you go!

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A person stretching as part of her morning routine.

Why You Need A Morning Routine

A morning routine is critical in your preparation for the day, just like an athlete prepares and warms up before a game, and just like an office professional prepares and rehearses a presentation. It all about preparing your body and mind, and all successful people have a morning routine that is in line with their goals. Some key points to consider including in a great morning routine are:

  • It is no so important when you wake up, as it is to have intention and purpose in your day. Some people are late wakers, some are early wakers. You do you!
  • Try waking up slightly earlier than your usual time to have the time available for the new routine.
  • Decide the night before when you are going to wake up.
  • Plan and get clarity on your day before you get into it. One of the biggest productivity and progress boosters is to decide what you are going to do at some other time than in the moment.
  • Include some form of work-out, or at least stretching, in your morning routine. Something like squats gets the blood pumping.
  • Once you have planned your day, do something that energizes your mind. Read, listen or watch something that sparks thought and is related in some way to your goals for the day.
  • Ask yourself three questions: (1) What am I exited for today? (2) What am I grateful for today? (3) What is the one thing that I need to get done today, no matter what?

Create a morning routine that matches you and your goals!

The Power Of EvE Ratio

This chapter introduces the EvE ratio, a concept that Peter Voogd learnt from Brian Tracy. EvE is Entertainment vs. Education. According to Brian Tracy, the average person spends about 50 minutes of entertainment to 1 minute of education and personal growth.

If you are serious about entrepreneurship and creating a remarkable business, it is crucial for you to adjust this ratio. Decrease entertainment, and increase education. The education however, needs to be focused and relevant to the goals and tasks you have at the time, otherwise education might turn into a form of entertainment.

The aim is not to eliminate entertainment, people still need a way to periodically unwind, the key is to adjust the ratio to a level that gives you the best balance and chance for success.

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The “I Don’t Have Enough Time” Myth

Discard the “I Don’t Have Enough Time” mentality. Everybody has the same 24hrs in the day, and as cliched as it is, it is how you use this time that matters. Another aspect of this, is that it is not productive just to be working many hours on something, when the work is not focused or strategic.

Peter expands on a story here where he was working 70 to 80 hours per work and still went broke. Why? Because he wasn’t treating his time wisely, and wasn’t focused on things that made him more valuable to the market. After changing his perspective, he halved his hours spent and more than doubled his results. It’s about working smarter, not harder (another cliche…yes I know!).

When you have freed that extra productive time you can either do more income generating activities with it, or use it on lifestyle activities if you are at that point in your business that you deserve it and can afford it. Prioritize and make the time!

Final Thoughts

As you can see Peter Voogd’s book definitely has a lot of great suggestions, tips and most importantly, questions that we all should be asking ourselves in our daily lives. In order for us to achieve success in business and life, it is essential to build a foundation of habits, routines and mindsets that provide the focus and direction needed to progress.

I hope you have found my summary on The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint to Massive Success useful for your journey. The book has helped me in a big way, and by sharing it with you I hope it can help you too. You can contact me any time if you have any questions or feedback, I am keen to hear them!

Are you ready!? Yes! Then get pumped, get inspired and let’s create a remarkable business!
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  1. Purchase the book via Amazon, or download the free audiobook through Audible (for first time sign-ups).
  2. Read the book and ensure you action the suggestions relevant to your goals and life.
  3. Ask me any questions you might have.
  4. Continue your journey through the online world.
  5. Please leave me a comment or question below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this book!
  6. Check out other great business books.

Get The Book

Purchase the book to get started on creating success habits and routines. You will increase your energy, productivity and achieve consistent and continual progress in your life and business.


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