As you explore the online world you might have come across the concept of building a website, having traffic come through that website and monetizing that traffic in some way to build an online business. You’ve then come to know this as internet marketing and probably been wondering what the best training program is to teach and guide you about the topic.

I had to answer the same question at the beginning of my journey into the online business world and as a result, spent a considerable amount of time roaming around the internet reading reviews, watching videos and learning how to make a proper decision to this question.Internet Marketing Word Cloud

If you are currently in the middle of this process, you can probably appreciate that there is a lot of crap out there, some potentially goods one and some outright dodgy scams. I am pretty sure I dodged a few scams and am grateful for it, thanks to some of the internet marketers out there blogging and warning all of us!

If you are just starting your search, then let me help point you in the right direction and save you some time fumbling around the maze of information out there!

The Best Internet Marketing Platform – Hands Down!

Internet marketing, also known as online marketing is the discipline of marketing products, services or even a brand via the internet. It can be divided out into to several areas both paid and free. Affiliate marketing, search engine marketing (paid ads on search engine pages), search engine optimization (SEO, free/organic traffic referrals) and social media marketing are included in this, just to name a few.

You can explore more about internet marketing in a separate post, for now lets get into revealing the best platform to learn about internet marketing.

When I was searching for a training program and very new to it all, I was looking for three main things:

  1. First and foremost, it didn’t set off my scam radarthis is probably high on your list too as we like our hard-earned money!
  2. It had a community where you could gain support and ask questions – super important when you starting out.
  3. I could try it for free and didn’t have to put in my credit card details up front – because that’s just a poor money making tactic.

Wealthy Affiliate logoThe platform and community that met these criteria and I finally settled on was the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. It is an all-inclusive system featuring extensive training courses, a supportive community and an in-house website building system that is second to none. Having the ability to learn, ask questions and execute (build my website) all within the same program is not only convenient, but very cost-effective as well.

I have written a comprehensive review on Wealthy Affiliate so please check it out so you can make a good educated decision moving forward.

Getting Started with the Online Entrepreneur’s Certification

One of the most beneficial aspects of the Wealthy Affiliate program is that you can get started in training straight away with the free membership. This is Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur’s Certification course (an in-depth 5 level course) and caters for all skill levels. An outline of Level 1 is shown below.


You get an introduction into the methodology of making money utilizing internet marketing and then get right into selecting your own niche to build a business around. The second half of the lessons are then focused on starting and building out the initial structure of your own website, followed by an introduction to keywords which form the core of all online marketing endeavors.

A Community of Support Critical to Your Online Success

As of today, Wealthy Affiliate’s community is around the 880,000 mark and the program has created a real authentic culture for sharing and helping each other out. Each member is along a similar journey as yours, so what they learn, share and provide in feedback is very valuable in improving yourself and your business.


The platform provides a system which makes it easy to get in touch with people, ask questions and learn from them. This is done through some nifty features, such as the ability to Follow (and be followed), the Live Chat are, Private Messaging and one of the biggest is the ability for members create Posts and Training Tutorials to help other members.


Just about any question you can ask about internet marking can be found through the search bar in the platform, or somebody will surely point you in the right direction. This extends the training program far beyond the core lessons provided by the system.

Build Your Website While You Learn

One of the best ways to learn is to execute and build your business while you are going through the training. Simply reading, listening or watching achieves limited benefit without action and the program in Wealthy Affiliate provides to great features to achieve this.


The first is that the training courses are entirely designed for you to be building while you are learning. Call it “earn while you learn” if you like, but more importantly it is “execute while you learn”, which drives you to achieve first and the money will come in due time!

The second is the in-house website building platform that is purely amazing. The system is called SiteRubix, and once you read my review on it you will see how valuable I think it is. Even if you joined up to the Wealthy Affiliate platform and only used the website building and hosting system, you would have already got your money’s worth in terms of functionality and convenience!

The hosting platform allows you to create 2 free websites via the free account and up to 50 with the premium account. You can purchase domain names (, build your website and receive 24/7 technical support. That’s not to mention the included proprietary website server features that help speed up your website, protect it from spam and encrypt it over a secure connection (HTTPS).

The Path Ahead

So you are exploring the online world, and while the path ahead for internet marketing may seem a little hazy or confusing I would like to help point you in the right direction. When starting out in any form of business, you need:

  1. Clarity on your goals, as well as habits for continual success.
  2. Training resources to help you learn.
  3. The tools to create the infrastructure of the business, digital or physical.

The Wealthy Affiliate program provides you with the training and the tools, all within an industry leading platform and at the highest quality. However, while goals is touched a little upon in the courses, I have gone into greater depth here at Inspire Entrepreneur for you.

I believe it is critical to establish clear goals and success habits to ensure your endeavors are for the long term, not just a short term phase or fad. To learn about this, please explore my in-depth and step-by-step guide to starting your online business, focusing first on the foundation of success and next selecting your niche.

Are you ready!? Yes! Then get pumped, get inspired and let’s create a remarkable business!
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  1. Check out my in-depth Wealthy Affiliate Overview.
  2. Sign-Up for a free account, and get started with the Level 1 training program.
  3. Ask me any questions you might have.
  4. Continue your journey through the online world by focusing first on your goals and success habits, and next on your selection of a niche.
  5. Please leave me a comment or question below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on any internet marketing program you have come across!


Hey guys! I have a strong passion for online business and enjoy helping people escape the 9-5 office, by creating online businesses. I want to help people build a source of income that is separate from their time, allowing them to pursue their dreams and passions. Together we can focus on designing a life we don't need to escape from! If you ever need any help or have questions, I'm here, just give me a shout anytime!


Jacob Schilling · November 9, 2017 at 12:06 pm

Hi Sven, great article. I myself have dabbled into Wealthy Affiliate and I have learned much more than I thought possible. Social media marketing, building my own website, and the hosting platform has really saved me from tons of headaches. Thank god that the site support takes care of coding, because if they didn’t, then my regular posting would probably go from 1-2 posts a day to 1 post every 3-4 days.

I love it here, a great place that teaches you how to learn internet marketing and taking action.

    Sven · November 9, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    Hi Jacob,

    Thanks! The tools available within Wealthy Affiliate definitely allow you to focus on what’s most important… your audience and the valuable content you aim to provide them! I couldn’t imagine the extra headaches we all would have to go through if website building could only be done from scratch.

    Excellent resources and tools across the board for those involved in the internet marketing world, and new features and training being added all the time!

    Cheers, Sven.

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