So you probably have been fumbling around several websites trying to answer the question—What is the Best Website Hosting for Small Business? And all you are getting are pages with a bunch of comparison tables, ratings stars, links to individual reviews and a whole lot of confusing information about server up time, Linux vs. Microsoft… on and on!

Website Hosting Server Room

As a result, you are feeling a little overwhelmed and wishing you could just get back to running your small business instead of learning computer science! I understand, so let’s cut through all the crap and offer you a true answer to your question. Let me explain…

You are asking “What is the Best Website Hosting…”, as opposed to “What are the Best…”, which means you are looking for a single recommendation with the reasons why! Am I right?

And on top of that, you are not particularly interested in all the in’s and out’s of website hosting, servers, speed, RAM, storage… and so on. Rather, you just need to something that works, is hassle free, helps you get your website online and does so quickly so that you can get back to the real stuff! No problem! I hear ya!

Now that’s not to say that those things aren’t important, and if they are to you… that’s cool. You’re probably already tech savvy enough to know what is good out there, and just looking for verification on your choice. Also, cool! Happy for you to read on to see what I have to recommend, or continue your in-depth comparison of the many hosting services out there.

But for most of us, we just care about getting something that provides us with what we need, works well and works consistently. We leave the important technical stuff to the experts in the industry.

The Problem You are Trying to Solve for Your Business

Please don’t get confused for a second that I am asking you to simply make a decision on a whim, and blindly go with what I suggest. You don’t know me… yet, but of course can get to know me. More importantly though, you do need to strongly consider the best choice for you and your business, and make that through an informed decision.

Perfect! So in order for me to suggest something, let’s define exactly what problem you are trying to solve and as a result, get a clear picture on what you may be looking for.

So when we are talking about Small Business, we are typically talking about small physical (brick & mortar) type businesses who are looking to gain an online presence in this increasingly online world. If however, you are a small ‘online’ business, you will find good value in my summary below, or you can go straight to the comprehensive article reviewing the platform that is the best for all types of online entrepreneurs, including an in-house website hosting system.

Search Google

As a small business owner you are most probably looking for:

  1. A way to get online and have your business discoverable when people ‘Google’ you!
  2. A website that is simple, looks good and showcases the products and services you sell.
  3. A resource to refer people to, to get help from you without having to visit the store.
  4. Support in getting your website up and running.
  5. A way to extend your reach and grow your business/customer base. And maybe learn a little about online marketing along the way.
  6. A website, because everyone is asking why you don’t have one and you are wondering what all the fuss is about. (Listen to them, they are right… now let’s do this in the easiest way possible shall we!?)
  7. A way not to have to pay a lot of money, and get a crappy website at the end of it… possibly because that is what has happened to you before!

And your probably don’t have:

  1. A lot of time.
  2. A lot of spare money to invest.
  3. A lot of knowledge about the online world.
  4. A lot of patience.

My tax accountant told me, just the other day, that he paid someone a decent amount of cash to build a website for him and all he got in return was a very average 5 page website with mistakes in his business name and barely any content. Something we would all like to avoid!

All-in-all, as a small business owner, your skills are in your trade, the products and services you sell, and the expertise you have. Having a website is just a way for you to get your story and your business out there, so let’s not over complicate it!

Let Me Introduce You to SiteRubix and the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Wealthy Affiliate logoSiteRubix is an industry leading website building and hosting platform for self-hosted websites. It is an in-house system to the Wealthy Affiliate platform, a community of aspiring and professional online entrepreneurs and internet marketers.

I am a premium member of this platform and have all of my websites (except the one I created before I found Wealthy Affiliate) hosted on the SiteRubix system. The website building and hosting platform alone, provides value and functionality that is second to none, and this before you even consider the support from the online community, as well as the website and online marketing training.

This is Why it is Great

  • SiteBuilder – The in-house website builder that installs your site, to a domain of your choosing, on the hosting servers for you. You don’t need to worry about back-end logins to the servers and running scripts or other programs to install your website files. It is simple & intuitive.
  • SiteManager – A dashboard of all of your websites hosted with SiteRubix, allowing you to one-click login to your website, as well as monitor its health status and other important metrics.
  • SiteDomains – a feature that provides the ability to purchase ‘.com’, ‘.net’ and ‘.org’ domains right from within the system. You can also host domains your already own, from GoDaddy for example, at no additional cost or hassle.
  • SiteEmail – a feature that provides the ability to have an email account on your domain, for example or the ability to forward this email to a private email account such as Gmail. This is available for any domain you have, even if you didn’t purchase it through SiteRubix.
  • SitePlus+ – If the services above don’t already make the system industry leading, these do. It currently provides three additional features that ensure your website is running at the most competitive level.
    • SiteSSL (SLL Certificates) – one click activation for any domain (except for their free in-house domains) which encrypts your website and secures your visitor’s data. Essential if you were to receive payments online, and crucial for maximum search engine trust. Essentially turns your website address from ‘http://’ to ‘https://’, which is a secured website. Note: one-click activation is a BIG deal, because this is normally a very complex process if you manage your own hosting and installation!
    • SiteProtect (Spam Blocker) – A server level spam blocking feature (rather than a plugin), that stops spam before reaching your website. It prevents your website from being slowed down by spam, and prevents you from receiving malicious content.
    • SiteSpeed – A proprietary technology developed by Wealthy Affiliate that speeds up your website at the server level, without plugins. Google likes fast websites and so do your customers.
  • SiteSupport – A 24/7 technical support service for your website, hosting or domains. They are friendly, quick to respond and very thorough in solving any issue you may have. The online community (over 900,000) are also there to help, as they are from all around the world, someone is up and active at all times. Don’t forget, if you are having an issue, someone is bound to have had a similar problem… you are not alone!

All these features are included at no additional cost to the premium membership fee, so you can rest assured you are not receiving up-sell after up-sell to provide the best website performance and security. Many other hosting and domain services out there provide these features at an additional monthly cost, but that extra $5 to $7 a month fee for each feature on top of the hosting fee, adds up quick!

One of the best things about the Wealthy Affiliate platform and its SiteRubix system is that it has in-built utility! It is not just website hosting, domain registration or website builder… it is all of those things and much more.

These are Some Additional Benefits

Some additional features of the platform that are useful to you as a small business owner starting out in the online world are:

  • Online Community – Of entrepreneurs and internet marketers with a wealth of online experience. Wealthy Affiliate has created a culture of sharing, help and feedback, making it extremely easy to get the help you need.
  • Extensive Training Resources in Online Marketing – Marketing is the core of any business, because if no one knows you exist, they won’t buy from you. You got to get the word out! Consumers’ attention is going to the internet and mobiles devices (if not already there) so you, as a business owner, need to go there too!

While this platform started out as a tool and community for affiliate marketers (online marketers who earn commissions from referring other companies’ products and services), it has grown to something that I believe is essential for all types of online entrepreneurs starting out! The added benefit… there is plenty of focus on how to market products and services to people, which is extremely helpful to all small business owners.

Imagine how good you will get, if you learn how to market other people’s products and services! Marketing yours will become a breeze! Exposure to this world, even if you are just there for website hosting, will truly be rewarding!

This is How Much it Costs

The platform is free to join and try out… forever (i.e. no 30-day time limit forcing you to upgrade). You get access to two free hosted websites, the entry level courses and basic website features. However, if you would like access to all the benefits I listed above, you can get that for a fixed and flat $49USD per month (=$588 for the year), or $359USD for an annual plan up-front.

Below is a comparison table of the features available in each level, however the plan structure is quite simple:

  • Free Starter Account = $0
  • Monthly Premium Account = $49USD per month (=$588 for the year)
  • Annual Premium Account = $359USD per year (this is what I am on and is the best value once you have decided the platform works for you)

Wealthy Affiliate membership review and comparison of starter vs. premium.

Final Thoughts

So this is my honest recommendation to all the small business owners out there, looking for the best website hosting service. The Wealthy Affiliate platform with its in-house SiteRubix system provides everything you need to get a website up and running, and it does so in a simple, intuitive and fast way.

If you would like to get an in-depth look at all the features before signing up, please check out my comprehensive review where I show you around the system and provide my honest opinions:

I hope you found this article helpful in your search for a website host. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, I am here to help!

Are you ready!? Yes! Then let’s get started with creating a website!
Let’s Do This!




  1. Sign up for a free Starter account with Wealthy Affiliate and I’ll be there on the other side help you.
  2. Check out the SiteRubix features, training and community to see how it will help you.
  3. Ask me any questions you might have.
  4. Please let me know your thoughts on this article and your experiences in searching for a website hosting service, I’d love to hear your thoughts!
  5. Learn more about online marketing, and how it can help you grow your business.


Hey guys! I have a strong passion for online business and enjoy helping people escape the 9-5 office, by creating online businesses. I want to help people build a source of income that is separate from their time, allowing them to pursue their dreams and passions. Together we can focus on designing a life we don't need to escape from! If you ever need any help or have questions, I'm here, just give me a shout anytime!


Eric Chen · November 16, 2017 at 1:55 pm

Hello Sven,

I am looking to start my very own online business, but don’t know where to start. I have ZERO knowledge when it comes to web-hosting or website building.

It seems like Wealthy affiliate might be the way to go since they offer a platform to help you do all of that. Can I do everything as a free member?

Kind regards,

    Sven · November 17, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    Hey Eric,

    Welcome to the world of online business! You have come to the right place, Inspire Entrepreneur is here to help you get your start in the online world, and Wealthy Affiliate is the platform to get online with.

    As a free member, you have the ability to create 2x free websites hosted by SiteRubix. This means it won’t be your own domain extension, so something like, as opposed to

    This is great to trial the service and installation, before going premium. Once premium, you can move to a domain without the SiteRubix bit.

    There are also several other benefits of premium compared to a starter account you can check out.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, I’m here to help!

    Cheers, Sven.

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